Saturday, August 11, 2007

Odds and ends. Mostly odds.

While knitting away on the former Tut Tut, muttering under my breath about how I already had two beige cotton sweaters, I had a brainwave. If it works, it may yet become a salable pattern. If so, I amaze myself. (If not, the addition will be easily ripped out.) Either way, I'm about halfway up the yoke.

-... -

There was a question about when I'll next be updating my Etsy shop. I haven't been doing much with it lately because: 1. no one wants to buy wool yarn in summer, and 2. running a roaster at 200 degrees all day, when there's a 112 degree heat advisory, just sucks. I was toying with the idea of dyeing some cotton yarn, but then I realized I needed to heat it too, to set the color. (Plus I'd be back to the whole issue of using toxic dyes in the house with the Baby.) So, anyway, once cooler weather hits, I'll be back to yarn dyeing. In the mean time, if anyone wants something that's not up for sale, just say the word and I'll do a custom job just for you. (I'm in negotiations to do one now, in fact.) I love customs because I know I'm producing what the customer actually WANTS, instead of throwing dye in the pot while thinking "I hope someone likes this". As always, if you want a lace dye-job on sock yarn, or a sock dye-job on lace yarn, just say the word. I can even do heavier weights if you like, all the way up to super-bulky, but we'll have to talk about price.

-... -

The yarn for my mother-in-law's Christmas present was ordered last month, and I was feeling very clever about spreading out the Christmas spending and planning ahead, but since then I've tried to wind it. It is the Yarn From Hell. (Victorian two-ply from Halcyon Yarn.) It's even scratchier and more velcro-ish than Icelandic Lopi, and Lopi's pretty damn bad. So, in typical fashion, I have ditched the idea I had, and am plotting the purchase of about 20 balls of Highland Wool this pay day. Mostly I'm plotting how to get it into the house past the husbeast, who knows I already bought yarn for this project.

-... -

The Baby is having a massive growth spurt. She's been whining CONSTANTLY, and I finally figured out, yesterday, that she's whining because she's hungry. I'm not that much a moron; she's ALWAYS got food available, in the form of crackers, because she is a little eating machine. But apparently the crackers aren't cutting it any more. Last night she went out to the dining room, wailing, and pounded on her high chair (mind you, this was about two hours after a huge snack, WITH grazing on crackers after). Pretty clear communication for someone who has a twenty-word vocabulary (mostly consisting of animal names and noises).

This is the end of a week that started with some intenstinal germ, and then moved on to a case of killer diaper rash. Now it's eating constantly. She's not letting it get her down.

But it's driving me batshit.


Alwen said...

She's probably making up some lost time from the bug, when stuff was zipping through too fast to absorb.

And boy, can they slurp down the calories when they're growing! It even amazes the DH how much our son can eat sometimes.

Amy Lane said...

But damn she's cute...keep feeding her!

Sarah said...

mine always get diaper rash, during or just before a big growth spurt. And eat like machines just before and nothing during. It's an evil cycle of hungry, not hungry or just not as, in our house.