Saturday, July 19, 2008

Once again, with photos.

This is the pile of yarn I was talking about yesterday.

For those who asked, no, I don't do a lot of felting. Usually because I fuck it up. I can think of five felted projects I've done, of which only one turned out as planned. (The Deco Bag, link to pattern in the sidebar.) Oh, and I did a couple felted containers in January of 07 that turned out semi-okay (other than looking like they were made from Cookie Monster pelts). But generally, my felting experiences can be summed up here. After going through pattern books and The Pit last night, I've decided to experiment with some Lopi I've got laying around, before digging into the good stuff. First up is a circular bag that will double nicely as a cat bed, should I totally screw it up.

Which is entirely possible.

Yesterday the Goober had a bath; the husbeast totally overfilled the tub with bubbles, to her delight.

Now I'm gonna crawl into my office, play some Iron Chef, and get some knitting done.


MrsFife said...

Those are lovely colours!

Barbara said...

A girl can never have too many bubbles!

I haven't had much luck with felting either. I made a Noro purse that felted unevenly and needed a shave. No more felting for me.

Donna Lee said...

I love baths that are overfilled with bubbles. Great way to stay cool in the heat.

Amy Lane said...

That is an A1 keeper photo--Goober as she truly is! (I'm afraid to felt... but I remember the dead-muppet bowls...they were pretty cool:-)

Roxie said...

I use a wire whisk to enhance the bubble quotient. Lots of bubbles insulate the bath and keep it hot so you can lounge and read your romance novel for ever so much longer.