Friday, July 11, 2008

It was inevitable.

I caught the Goob Germs. Spent yesterday half asleep in the recliner, while the Goob ran wild through the house. The new game is for her to take off all her clothes; I wasn't up to an argument, so she ran naked most of the day. What the hell. It's summer. Today I've still got a fever but the cold medicine is having at least a mild effect and I feel slightly better. Which means I can sit around and KNIT!

Or spin. I finished plying the carbon fiber.

The husbeast and I have talked it over... we've agreed it's too damn heavy to knit up into a husbeast-sized sweater. He did allow that he'd like a hat, and I've got some teflon-treated wool I can use for the ribbing of the hat, if I need to, for stretch. There's no real disapointment or stress; the whole thing was my mad idea, and he was amused enough to go along with it - what techie would say no to a carbon fiber garment? We've discussed what to do with the rest of the two pounds (good grief) of carbon fiber, and I'll be knitting scarves for several family members who will find a stealth scarf amusing. That's what this first test knit will be, a scarf.

However, looking at this stuff, and dealing with it, I suspect what this fiber REALLY wants to be is lace. Yup. It's easy to spin finely, and the weight would give it lovely drape. Maybe with some amusingly appropriate beads. I think jet would work.

Incidentally, this stuff is BIZARRE when it hits water. It gets hard, somehow. Very strange. You could probably fool someone into thinking it's silk, until you tried to wash it. It's very much a 'what the fuck?' experience. Once I get a little better at the whole thing, I will be writing up what I've learned on spinning this stuff.

As I've said before, I consider this blog as much documentation for the Goober's childhood as anything else, so below I document some hilarity from last night. If you're here for the fiber, skip it. As always, translations in brackets.

Sekhmet was sprawled out across the floor, on her side, as cats are known to do when it's hot. The Goober took a look, came to me, and said "Mumma. Titty bwoken." [Mumma, kitty's broken.] I explained that no, she wasn't broken, she was just hot and a cat. The Goob thought about that a minute, then said "Titty need noo batwees." [Kitty needs new batteries.] Then she handed me some pretend batteries. I figured, when in Rome, and pretended to put the batteries in the cat. At which point, Sekhmet got up and walked away in disgust. The Goob said "Aw fits!" [All fixed!] and also walked away, delighted with herself.


Barbara said...

Look how smart the Goob is! She fixed the cat! Thank you so much for blogging this stuff. My babies are 30 and 27. I miss those days. But not the kid colds; those I can do without.

Louiz said...

What is it about kids and batteries? I've had a similar conversation with Kathryn, but about a stuck drawer!

Amy Lane said...

As we are delighted with her! Exemplary cuteness--I completely approve. (Although I suspect that Sekhmet would rather the bald kitten put those batteries somewhere else!)

Roxie said...

Sekhmet and the bald kitten. I can see this as a picture book. The kid is a delight!

Stealth scarves - Brilliant! Or maybe stealth mittens? Though a carbon-fiber shawl could be totally cool! Run electricity trhough it and it lights up.

Donna Lee said...

The carbon spun up beautiful. The idea of it is an odd one but I guess you can spin almost anything. I saw on someone's blog where they were mixing samoyed hair with some silk. Would dog yarn smell like wet dog when washed? Ewww.

Catie said...

That Goober story was hilarious! Thanks for sharing.

Nina said...

Well, I am finally catching up! Wow about your carbon fibre adventures! I would love to know exactly what is going on with it when it gets wet, although I feel as though it makes sense. Hate that.

Love your mommy moments! So sweet! Kids are so funny and smart. They know how to take us out of our adult sensibilities, don't they? :)