Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's that time of year.

Time for storms, from both directions; hurricanes and tropical storms from the ocean, and thunderstorms from the mountains. Yesterday we got a thunderstorm and the power went out three times. Looks like we've got another one headed this way. Goodie. (Actually, I like thunderstorms. But they don't cool things down, which is frustrating.)

Anyway, I had another go at a felted bowl. (I have memorized the pattern. That's how we know we're in trouble.) This time I used my own handspun left over from the hex sweater (which is still waiting for that final seam, let's not think about it), felted it more firmly, and smaller.

This time when the Goob went for it, I grabbed it away and yelled 'NO, MINE!' On my desk it went, next to where I do my spinning. Several people have offered trades and barters for felted bowls, including future Christmas presents. Life is good.

Otherwise, well, the easiest way for me to share video with friends and family is to post the video here. This one's for my mother-in-law; the rest of you will just have to suffer through the cuteness.
Try not to go into sugar shock.

Oh. And I got "Simply Felt" from Interweave Press. Cue ominous music here. I'm off to squish wool in the kitchen sink, yelling "Felt, motherfucker!"

Okay, maybe I'll skip that part. 'Cause you KNOW the Goob would repeat it.


April said...

We shall not discuss how many times I have now watched the Goob and her dance recital.

Liz said...

Utterly perfect. Beautiful child dancing like an angel, and pissed-off cat getting into the act and thrashing tail. Two for one, really...

Bells said...

should you start a separate blog just for Goober videos. I'm sure your MIL and I would be huge fans.

Seam the hex sweater. Now!!!

ps bowls are cute.

Alwen said...

"Arabesque, arabesque" [giggling softly]

I'm SO sorry I didn't have a video camera back in those days.

Amy Lane said...

Gorgeous--so very very perfect! And I love the felted bowl. YOURS I say, YOURS!!!

Donna Lee said...

Sometimes we just have to stand up and say MINE! I have to do that with the spinning wheel when my daughter says something like "our wheel". No, I say, MINE. Not that it helps. She's home so much more than I am.

Roxie said...

That kid is so sweet she should come with insulin on the side.

Barbara said...

Could you please make the Goob videos a little longer? I have to watch them so many times... What a doll.

Oh, yeah, nice bowls. And nice to know I'm not the only one who sunk to the kids' level rather than raising them up. Mine!