Saturday, July 26, 2008

Yeah, that worked.

When I got done soaking the felted cat toys in catnip tea, I poured it over a washcloth, and, well, you can see. She approved. Snuffled and ruffled and whuffled for about five minutes, and then passed out.

A word to those with hand problems: you may want to take it easy with the hand felting. By Wednesday night, I couldn't make a fist with either hand, and things didn't improve until yesterday. And all that vinegar took the top layer of my skin off; it's still peeling.

Maybe I'll try some sheet felting... with a brush. From a safe distance. A lot of societies traditionally made sheet felt by rolling it up and walking on it. So that's an option. They also rolled it up and worked it with forearms instead of hands. I think the ancients knew something I didn't. Hopefully the lesson has been learned. (But knowing me, I wouldn't bet on it.)

I was working on two other felting projects, a bag and a bowl, to swap for Christmas presents. That had to stall, but I hope to finish them up this weekend. They will be felted in the washing machine like smart people do it.

Oh, and I got something in the mail.

About thirty lace patterns by Herbert Niebling, from Lacis. The one on the right, on the cover, I will be knitting as a wrap for my mother-in-law's Christmas present. I'd like to do a practice doily first, to get the hang of Niebling's methods. But I've gotta finish these felt projects first.

More insanity, coming up.

Oh. And I gave birth to a drama queen.

REALLY looking forward to those teen years.


Donna Lee said...

I have a drama queen. Life is never dull. They tend to be cute, though and can be very funny to watch. Then they get upset that you're laughing at them. Fun times.

Alwen said...

I will have those books soon.

I have a job! again and am saving up money for books.

Okay, it's only 6 hours a week, but it will be walking-around money. Especially, say, walking around at the fiber festival, looking at the booths with lots and lots of books.

Amy Lane said...

ACT-ing... I had one of those... she passed the torch to her brother....(sad but true:-)

Good kitty, nice stoned kitty...