Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Another one of THOSE days.

This morning I went out to the garage to toss some rags in the washing machine because the Goob had peed on the floor again (AGAIN! ARRRRRRRRGHHH!), stepped on something, and cut my foot open. This is the husbeast's fault, because the garage looks like this:

The husbeast is rebuilding the engine of his toy truck (as opposed to his toy Suburban and my Jeep). I assume I stepped on some stray bit of who-knows-what on my way through. Probably my fault for not wearing shoes. But I'll complain to him about it anyway.

Watching the husbeast work on cars reminds me of a scene I had once with my mother. I was probably close to thirty, sitting on the couch in their living room, knitting some lace, and my mother watched over my shoulder for a while. Finally, she asked "You're doing this for fun?"

So the husbeast chortles over his engine and brings me horribly scratched bearings to look at, and talks about oil pan volume, and to my woe, I understand him. This is what I get for being such a geek.

Last night I started on a doily from the KunstStricken book. (For those following along with their own copy, I'm knitting "Schlusselblume", charts 2A and 2B.) I got about this far:

This morning, I got up and faced reality. I wasn't happy with how I'd worked the whole thing so far, and the thread was SHREDDING my fingers. So I dug through my hoard of crochet cotton and found some softer white to use. I dislike white lace because it's so hard to keep clean and so hopelessly stereotypical, but to hell with it. My fingers hurt. So the blue got cut loose and thrown away, and I'm starting over with the white. When I'm finished I'll write English directions and make them available here on the blog and on Ravelry. Not the charts, just the directions. So you'll still need the charts to knit the lace, but you won't find yourself hunched over a black and white photo counting eyelets to figure out how many pattern repeats you need. I'm doing that. It's a drag.

Otherwise, nothing new. We figured out the cockroaches are coming up the drains in the kitchen and started sealing the dishwasher door. So we've got fewer cockroaches, but when we open the dishwasher about five jump out at us. There's a heat advisory today, and the Goober reacts really badly to heat, so it looks like another day inside, hanging out together. (One of the reasons I'm pushing potty training is so that I can start putting her in day care, to get her out of the house and with other kids more often.) Sekhmet is outraged over all the new smells in the house (from the Goober's potty training adventures) and has taken to lurking in my office, glaring at people. And just this instant I realized the husbeast, Mr. OCD cleaner, has put upholstery pins in MY chair to hold the arm covers on. In a place where I wouldn't be able to see them. (I felt one.) Great. Now I've got stealth upholstering to deal with.



Amy Lane said...

ick. double ick. Although the lace is beautiful (are you sure you don't want any of my free crochet thread?) the adventures with Goob sound a lot like my adventures with Ladybug. They're cute and all, but you'd like a temporary return policy sometimes, wouldn't you!

Louiz said...

Would you like some of my black crochet cotton? 'S really nice, but I don't crochet anymore!

Roxie said...

When my cats start inappropriate peeing, I have them checked for urinary tract problems. Just a thought . . . .

Galad said...

My daughter was very strong willed and when she was two peed on the floor every time she got angry with us. Much as I wondered at the time - she did outgrow it (though not the strong willed part :-)

Alwen said...

Ah, potty training, definitely on my "things I don't miss" list. Some days I'm sorry I only have the one child, other days not at all.

I'm thinking about doing Magnolie for the county fair, but it's so stinkin' humid my "n" key is sticking.. Bleh.