Saturday, July 12, 2008


Yes. I finally darned in all the ends on the hex jacket. (Well. All the ends on the bodice. I'll get to the skirt tonight. Really. Honest. I swear.) Since there had been mild interest in how I finish things, I snapped a few photos as I went.

Generally, I darn ends into seams, especially when there are lots of seams handy, like there were in the case of the hex jacket, what with picked-up bits going off in all directions. Thread darning needle (I like the Clover ones with the bent points), run along selvege on wrong side of seam, pull through.

After that I usually give the seam a stretch to make sure it WILL stretch, and distribute the yarn across the selvege, then snip off the leftover yarn with about a 1/4 inch (1/2 cm) tail. After a few washings and wearings, once the yarn's moved around and stuck to itself a bit, the ends can be cut closer without worrying about them pulling out. Usually at this point I just forget about it, though.

There were several knots.

Often I'll leave them as-is, and either darn in the ends or ignore them completely, as the mood strikes. This time, I was worried about how the knots would affect seaming, and the drape when it was finished, so I picked them out and darned everything in more properly. As often as not I leave the knots. I've no moral objection to them. If it doesen't unravel, then by golly, it's done right. (Though having it look good is a worthy goal.)

As for the Goober? Well, she decided last night to wash some yarn, like she sees her Mum doing all the time.

Thankfully it is scrap yarn I keep around to skein up GOOD yarn. After a blistering lecture, the Goob went on to smear snot on the cat (Sekhmet was regally unamused). Then she got put to bed an hour and a half early.

Parenting seems to be a lot like beating your head against a wall. Only with more snot.


Roz said...

I think the Goob is learning some great skills! And one day, she'll be WISHING she could go to bed an hour and a half early!

Roxie said...

The bald kitten can be a real pain in the tail sometimes.

The jacket looks awesome!

Robin said...

I'm telling you --- raising children --- like trying to nail Jello to a tree! Poor snotty kitty!

Amy Lane said...

hee hee... Ladybug ran around the LYS this morning, throwing in copious skeins of pink fuzzy yarn. They do want to be like their mamas...

Nina said...

Eh--I have a couple items which only need the ends woven in, pathetic of me. And it's always *less bad* than I think it will be.

So, your daughter will be telling her kids one day, "yes, I have been washing and spinning wool since I was two!" Another family tradition born. :)