Thursday, July 17, 2008

Uh. Thursday.

How's that for a snappy title?

While the internet was out and I was stuck 'being medieval' (does watching Iron Chef Japan recorded on the DVR count as medieval?)I rustled up the skein of ugly yarn and knit a scarf. Remember this stuff?

One ply is what was left of the fleece I spun for the hex jacket. The other ply is some orange-and-pink dyed wool I had left laying around after my swap with Historic Stitcher. Together, they're butt ugly. Anyway, I knit a scarf with it to keep my hands busy while the husbeast paced the house muttering about IP addies and fucking servers. The scarf is going to get a dunk in a pot of pink, thereby hopefully toning down the orange and turning the blue ply purple, making it a bit more attractive. Or else it'll be even more ugly than before. Anyway, I made it in brioche stitch and ugly or not, it'll be warm as hell, so I'll probably post the pattern, such as it is. Maybe I'll get off my ass and take a photo while I'm at it.

Have begun knitting the carbon fiber I've spun so far, and it's a pain to work with. In retrospect, I'm glad I'm not knitting a sweater out of this stuff. Maybe I'll make a stealth bomber with the leftover fiber. The plan for the moment involves a hat and two scarves with the stuff. That'll be more than enough.

Still working on the navy cable-knit for my father-in-law.

Oh, and the Goob? She's feeling better.

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Roxie said...

I gotta agree with you. That yarn is wrinkly hairy butt - ugly. I don't think it could be saved by anything but a dunk in navy. I'm eager to see what pink will do for it.

The Goob has so much FUN!