Friday, July 18, 2008

Meanwhile, reality sets in.

...I hate that.

I'm sure everyone has noticed that as the Goob gets older and more of a handful, my knitting has shifted from elaborate stranded color to 'zen sweaters' of straight stockinette. And I imagine it's gonna stay that way until she goes to college. At least. So.

Anyone remember this?
(There's supposed to be a picture here, of a great pile of yarn, Elann's Highland Wool in about 25 colors.)

If not (and I don't blame you), back at the end of 2006 I ordered the yarn needed to knit Geometric Star from Kaffee Fassett. (Having the blog makes it easy to keep track of this stuff. That's both a good thing and a bad thing.) Odds of me being able to concentrate on a Fassett pattern any time in the next decade are about nil. And I've been searching around for another zen project or ten.

It hit me today. I can knit a couple-four felted bags with this stuff. And unload 'em on people for Christmas. Ohm. There's also half a ton of cotton yarn in The Pit that could make quite a few string bags. Or a nice stockinette tee shirt.

I know I should be finishing off my father-in-law's cable knit, but damn it, I have to THINK to do that. (I'm almost to the shoulders and ready to start the sleeves).

Aaaaand blogger isn't letting me upload photos. (Scheduled outrage? Our home network? My head full of snot causing me to push the wrong buttons?) So, fuck it, I'll try again later.


Terby said...

Well, not really. Unless you're going to homeschool. You're hitting the worst of it. But even so, I think it does get easier again. Five is a lot easier than 2 was, and there's more time and more independence.

Amy Lane said...

I've noticed that too--as my kids get more demanding, it's all I can do to finish a nice, plain, vanilla stress-less sock!

Bells said...

i remember the Elann haul! Like it was yesterday!

Felted bags sound much more manageable. You've not done a lot of felting, have you?

Alwen said...

Yeah, my kid will be 9 tomorrow (9!), and the demands on mom-time do go down. Yesterday I was not allowed to hold his hand walking across the parking-lot, and got an uncanny teenager-like glare when I reached for it. *sigh*

Valerie said...

FWIW, I got a lot of knitting done during guitar lessons, robotics meetings, etc.
the manchild did not play sports, else I would have knitted through those as well.

Should have seen the catty green-eyed looks on the gossip moms when they saw a sweater completed in a month of guitar lessons, whilst they had only achieved a rake over of most of their absent friends.

Anonymous said...

So I went back to 2006 to see if I could find the info on the Star, but all I could find were Goober pictures.

She has the same face but much more hair now and is still so cute.