Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Sekhmet, you fucker.

The holiday edition.

Last night, we tried to wrap presents.

This morning, we tried to clean up wrapping paper:

She helped assemble the play house:

And continued to chew the hell out of the Christmas tree:

Still the beast lurks, waiting for unwary feet to go past, ripe for swatting and the occasional bite:


Roxie said...

I love Sekhmet. (from a respectful distance of course.)

Amy Lane said...

LOL--that's too funny. Our cats, with four kids to contend with, assessed the odds and hid like the cowards they are.

ellen in indy said...

i swear sekhmet's twin brother lives at my house, using the alias scruffy. technically, he's my son's cat. but i feed him, pay the vet bills and get purred to sleep. so whose cat is he really?

lisamaesc said...

Question about blocking doilies: Have you ever framed doilies? Would you suggest your normal blocking (with starch) in prep for framing?

I hope you get your meds regulated soon. This weather is tough on some folks right now. My husband had shoulder surgery 4 wks ago today and he's able to predict rain now.

Lisa Gossett
Easley, SC

Donna Lee said...

Hey, Julie,
Are you OK? Is there a pain problem (duh, obvious). It's not normal for you to go away for so long and I'm worried. Good thoughts and wishes for pain free days are headed your way.