Monday, December 03, 2007

Odds, ends, and a stoner kitty.

I've finished the nipple warmers - except for blocking - and have started on a new BSJ for the Goober that uses up odds and ends from the stash. It's not the BSJ I was planning to knit, for my nephew, but since I found the hole in the Goober's old one, I'm just gonna knit her one first. (Her old one was a year old, pilled, snagged, and beat to death. It's not worth patching.) I started sewing down the neck of the Russian Prime, screwed it up, and now need to pick it out and start over. Which is how I normally operate when knitting necklines, not that one weird day when everything went right.

There are some fun links, if you're interested:

National Geographic has named their best photos of the year, available here.

Save the Tatas! ...I think the husbeast is getting one of these for Christmas.

They're using old paintings to study climate change. Not a bad idea, really. Details here.

And, my cat is stoned. The red is a catnip mouse. I swear I did not pose anything, just stood by and snapped photos.


Bells said...

A real conversation that just happened:

Me: Sekhmet is stoned.
Sean: What do you mean stoned?
Me: You know, STONED!
Sean: Did Julie do that?
Me: Laughing. No it's a catnip mouse.
Sean: Laughing.
Me: You know, Sekhmet is really quite fat.

Pearls Mother said...

I just want to reach out and scritch that lush kitty tummy.

Roxie said...

She has freckles on her tummy!

Uhh - wasn't there more to the post than adorable kitty belly? It just pushed everyting wlse out of my head. Oh yeah, nipple warmers. Save the tatas. national Geo. Thanks for the links!

Amy Lane said...

*g* My brother's cat used to get stoned from his skanky athletes foot shoes... but she was not nearly that happy looking. (I think athletes foot is like kitty crack... my daughter thinks kitty crack is whatever is in my chair, because that's where the kitties want to sit:-)

Carol said...

The pictures of your kitty have me in stitches. Ahhh, if we could all know such bliss huh?