Sunday, December 16, 2007

Wook, a twee!

We put up our Christmas tree - such as it is - today, while the Goober was napping. When she woke up, she walked out into the living room, stopped dead, and said 'ooooo'. Then for another half hour, she kept pointing at the tree and telling me "Wook. A twee!" Here's a photo of the pointing, after I thought to get the camera.

Here she is, admiring it. You can see we've yet to get anything but lights ON the tree. I'm not sure I even want to bother with decorating, because the kid won't leave the tree alone. (Plus she pulls ornaments off other people's trees and I'm not in the mood to fight a war over it every day.)

Sekhmet is also quite pleased by the idea of foliage in the house (she's an indoor kitty) and has spent a lot of time wandering around under it, gnawing at the branches.

Considering the tree is artificial, I half expect to get up one morning to find fang bits on the carpet and the cat saying "Meowth".


Amy Lane said...

Our 'twee' looks a bit sad this year--between the kids and the cat, Mate and I didn't have the heart to put more than a few ornaments on the damn thing, because that meant there were only a few ornaments we have to keep from getting scattered all over the house! (I love how freaked out they get about it--'You brought a forrest in here? What were you thinking? I mean, it's totally cool, but everybody knows that just isn't done!')

Kris Fletcher said...

When mine were very little, we would decorate the top of the tree but leave the bottom branches bare, except for lights. Then we would give the kiddos a few nonbreakable ornaments to decorate THEIR section. Yep, those one would go on & off for days, but the number was limited, and they had a blast with it.

Alwen said...

Oh, man, that's so cute it hurts me!

The last time we had a tree on the floor, the child was 2 and Ajax was a puppy below knee height. I put only unbreakable ornaments (crocheted snowflakes from MIL, etc) from waist-height down. They got rearranged hourly, either from kid hands or dog tail.

The next year, I was looking at a dog who was nearly waist high.

That was when we started clearing the dining room table and getting a 5-foot table-top tree.

It's a cheaper tree, as u-cut places around here charge by the foot, it's out of dog-reach (and heaven forbid, leg-lifting reach!), and the presents go on the table.

The verification word has gone Polish on me today: kwszspys. (I know some people almost named that!)

Anonymous said...

We do the same as Kris--bottom half is unbreakable stuff. We have a real tree, so we get the spinest, nastiest, meanest needled tree we can find. It works well keeping the critters, 2 and 4 legged, out of it!


Donna Lee said...

The first year my oldest daughter was old enough to reach the tree, I made the mistake of having some chocolate ornaments. Having found one chocolate ornament, she thought they all must be chocolate and proceeded to try to eat them all. She was so disappointed to find out that the ones she could reach were wooden. She's a kid after my own heart.

Jejune said...

I think twees look pretty lovely with just some twinkly lights :) Hope you all have a memorable Christmas (in a GOOD way!).

historicstitcher said...

What is it with the c ats gnawing the fake twees?? Mine were both skulking around, gnawing on branches before they were even on the twee last night!

And you probably won't find little teeth on the floor- just piles of cat-vomit with green shreds in it. We argue over who has to clean it up every time.

ellen in indy said...

besides a live-in grandchild, now almost 6 and careful, i have a biggish, hyper dog and an inquisitive cat, both 6, and a 4-month-old kitten. our artificial tree gets bungee-corded to a small but heavy table and put in a corner for extra stability.

lights go on the tree (we got the led kind this year --90% less energy used, but they GLOW), and bells go all around the bottom -- no cat or dog can get into the tree w/o being heard. there's been barely a jingle so far.

if you want to let the goober have a few safe "ornaments" to hang, i suggest plastic cookie cutters with hanging loops of yarn. (actually, i've always wanted to do a tree in nothing but lights, cookie cutters and about 3 dozen candy canes.)

i hope the docs can open a big can of whup-ass on your pain so you can enjoy christmas with the goober and the husbeast.