Friday, December 21, 2007

Well, shit.

Meet the husbeast family dill-onion bread. It's one of his very favorites, and I originally made this to freeze and take with us to Florida at the end of the month when we celebrate our holiday. The husbeast heard this and had a fit before I'd even gotten all the ingredients together, so he's eating this loaf (yes, by himself) and I'm making another for Florida.

As for that rise... I don't know what happened. I've double-checked the recipe about four times, and I followed it. It has both yeast and baking powder in it, which means a second rise in the oven, which resulted in this... overgrown monstrosity. (The texture is all right; the husbeast had a couple slices for breakfast.) I'm going to get with my mother-in-law today and see if maybe the recipe is written down wrong. If it turns out that it's right, I'm going to try cutting back on the yeast for the next loaf. The second rise on this thing took ten minutes. That was when I knew I was in trouble.

And you guys think I know how to bake. Ha.

In pain control news, I'd forgotten one of the reasons I hate narcotics for primary pain control; they give me nightmares. Had a horrible night last night. So this morning I'm back on the Mobic and I'm pretending that whole fucking mess on base this week never happened. I'll straighten it out in January. Just don't look at me funny until then, 'cause it'll leave a bruise.


historicstitcher said...

Love the bread!

I'm the bread-baker here, and recently had a loaf that lifted the cover off during a rise! And I make this bread all the time - this one time something was different, though I don't have a clue what it was.

NeedleTart said...

What kind of yeast were you using? I buy it by the pound now, and the SAF Instant Yeast brand really needs to be cut back in a recipe. If your recipe calls for (about) 1 tablespoon (or package) per loaf, cut back by about a third. And multiply! Yay,maths!

Amy Lane said...

Hey--that is one gorgeous loaf of bread! I won't scream too loud either...I know I'm damned tired of my own ears bleeding from my students...I wouldn't want to inflict the same thing on your poor aching noggin!!!

Hoping your dreams are as sweet as your baking from now on!

Anonymous said...

Hello, Husbeast's family bread!!

Sometimes fresh yeast makes things rise big and fast.


Sheepish Annie said...

Wow! That's some rise. It reminds me of the Cheese Bread I made last summer. I forgot about it and it rose up to look like a giant brain. Very appetizing...

I get nightmares from my Concerta sometimes. No one mentioned that when it was prescribed. Yikes!!!! Every single dream was a zombie dream. Every. Single. One.

Roxie said...

Why fix the recipe? The wild rise looks yummy to me.

I wish we could wrap you in a couple of quilts and coddle you gently till the doctors get the pain meds straightened out.