Thursday, December 13, 2007

Random Thursday.

Because my pain meds are messed up again, and I wanna kick puppies, and I feel like crap and I can't concentrate. Bah. Grrr. Argh. Bah.

-I haven't knit hardly at all in the last week, because I can't concentrate. When I do, I do zone out knitting on the Baby Surprise Jacket for the Goober. The neck of the Russian Prime is still half sewn down badly, still needs picked back out and is highly unlikely to be done for our trip to Florida like I wanted. Fuck it. IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE FUN GODDAMN IT.

-Speaking of knitting being fun, I got the stuff to frame my Dolores poster, but I have yet to get off my ass and actually do it.

-I got a copy of "The Book of Yarn" by Clara Parkes. It's excellent. One of those difinitive, 'if you only buy one book' books. Clearly written in simple terms that everyday people can grap. The sheer volume of information can be kind of mind-numbing unless you're really into yarn and fiber. However, if yarn substitution is something you want to be good at, this is the book for you.

-Sekhmet hasn't done anything strange in days. Which is very, well, strange. That fucker.

-Did I mention, grrr, snarl, grrr? Rawr.

-I've put together a Christmas baking list. There are three categories - definite, possible, and pipe dream. Tomorrow, I make up the grocery list and go buy stuff. It always gives me a thrill to buy chocolate by the pound. Plus I need to clean out the freezer so I can start loading it up again.

-Sekhmet is laying on my hand, on the computer keyboard. That fucker.

-Today, when I went to get the Goober up from her nap, she'd been trying to take her shirt off and had it tangled around her arms and her belly was hanging out. She looked up at me and said in a worried voice, "Mumum. Shirt all broken." That's the only cute thing she did, all day.

-Grrrrr. Snarl. Rawr. Arrrrg. Bah, humshit.


Anonymous said...

oooh, first to comment! Go me!

First, hugs on feeling icky and being in pain.

Second, that Goober is too danged cute.

Third, the chocolate by the pound should cheer you bunches. of the baby surprise??? and can it be made bigger than a Goober size?


historicstitcher said...

Hang in there. It seems to be something in the air. I'm calling it quits at work today after waking up with "intestinal distress" (I won't go any further than that. Thank me later.) I hate this fluctuating weather-I've been achy and headachy all week, too. And my pain meds aren't working. Bah.

Donna Lee said...

I second the cream by the gallon idea. It would have to be cheaper. And that is cute enough for one day "the shirt is broken". I am off this weekend, although we are expecting another one of those overhyped winter storms, to buy some cookie fixins.

Amy Lane said...

(((hugs))) Sorry 'bout the humshit day!!! If it makes you feel any better, I'm this close to giving my TA's bags full of yarn and saying, "In a month, it'll be something way cool". Please feel better. The holidays suck for humshit...

ellen in indy said...

hmmmm. can you handle a toddy for the body as a sub for pain meds?

since vioxx was taken away from me, i've been known to make hot lemonade sweetened with honey and spiked w/a wee bit o' vodka. or a bit more than a wee bit . . . but not enough to move the pain from knees or hips to skull.

(obviously this is feasible only when the husbeast is willing and available to deal w/the goober while you get some sleep.)

i hope things go better for you soon, so you can have a good christmastime!