Friday, December 14, 2007

Fuckeye Q&A.

There were some questions in the comments. I'm going to add this to the Fuckeye recipe post, so that it's preserved for posterity, but I'm adding it here to make sure everyone sees it.

-Make sure all the ingredients of the filling are at room temperature when you try to mix them. You can do it by hand - I have - but the real way to go is a Kitchenaid Mixer and the paddle attatchment. The stuff is really thick, though, so be careful using smaller mixers, you might burn them out.

-I use creamy Jif peanut butter. Traditionally, creamy peanut butter is used, but I'm sure you could use crunchy if that sounded better to you.

-Normally I do the old double boiler method for melting chocolate, but Alton Brown uses two thin metal bowls with a heating pad (cover removed) smashed between them. Since I'm making a lot of truffles this year, I'm going to give it a try. I'll let you all know how well it works.

-Technically, Fuckeyes aren't baking. They're candymaking. So you can feel all clever and sophisticated.

Today I've been putting together the list for the holiday baking. (This is late in the year for me, but we're celebrating the holiday late, so that's all right. Plus, as we know, I'm insane.) You know, during the holidays, they should really just sell whipping cream by the gallon. It would save sooo much time.


Sarah said...
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Sarah said...

isn't that the truth, i make so much whip cream during the holidays it's outrageous.

RobynR said...

Hmmmm, whipping cream by the gallon sounds like an excellent plan to me. Or, ya know, piped into the kitchen. (Can't tell that I do too much baking can you?)