Sunday, March 21, 2010

What is this?!

Could it be... A WORK SPACE?

You know the old joke about how you wash your car to make it rain? I'm hoping this will work in a similar manner; as soon as I set up my work space, we'll buy a house and I'll have to move. (Oh, I should be so lucky.) Anyway, you can see up there, I've got a Dremmel (or rather a not-Dremmel dremmel) and am gradually cutting the pointy bits off the watch gears. Many of them have wires sticking through the centers, and that's not gonna feel good against the skin. The gears will be bad enough. I'm also weeding through the gears and pulling out all those that won't fit through the orifice of my spinning wheel (that's why the ruler is there in the picture) with the intention of using them for jewelry. I'll probably be buying more gears, which means more jewelry.

Being a gadgethead, the husbeast took a look at the work space and decided I need a mini-vice. I managed to talk him into waiting until payday (and not spending the grocery money on it), or I'd have it already. By next weekend, I'll have a pretty slick setup.

Too bad it's in my living room. And I'm pretty sure the neighbors would get cranky if I ran power tools all night. So far the only neighbor I want to kill is the guy who keeps smoking in the hallway (and making my asthma go wild), and I'd like to keep it that way. Having open hostility with ALL the neighbors would be a drag.


The Goober's glasses are a resounding success. She was running in circles in the living room the other day singing "I love my glasses, I love my glasses, I love my glasses." The eye doctor told me that while there was no therapeutic NEED for the kid to wear them, she might want to, because she'll see so much better. He was right. Every morning, the Goober asks for her glasses, even before breakfast, and wears them all day until bed time. Not only has her coordination improved beyond words, so has her coloring and writing.


Last week, the husbeast dragged me out (yes, I fought so hard, ha) and bought me a Blackberry. We'd been talking about getting me one next year when my current cell phone contract expired, but with the current situation with me trying to drive in Pittsburgh, I needed a GPS system. I could pay about the same for a dedicated GPS unit that did nothing else, or I could get the Blackberry and use the GPS on it. Seemed like a no-brainer. While I regularly get cranky about having to learn new technology, usually I love it once I've gotten used to it. Whoever designed the software for the Blackberry did it in such a way that's obvious to me (that isn't always the case), and so learning wasn't hard. By Friday I was watching old episodes of TV shows with it on my leg as I spun. Awesome. I've also composed my next grocery list on it, have texted the friend who got me STARTED texting to tell her it's all her fault (Deana, I'm talkin' to you). Oh, and I drove to the museum Thursday night using the GPS on it.

So. Not a bad couple days.


amy said...

I once lived in an apartment on the second floor (it was in an old, converted house) and both first-floor tenants smoked. Old house, obviously not air tight... all my clothes reeked. All I could smell was smoke. I couldn't stand it. I often wonder how many years of my life I lost by living one year in that place. When it's shared living space like that, it is a tricky line. Whose rights are paramount? The person smoking in their home, or the person who can't breathe clean air in their home? (I know which way *I* lean.)

Amy Lane said...

WHEEEEE! huzzah for a place to work and a blackberry. me so jealous--but it's not like I'd use it anyway!

Cindy said...

Ahhh, I love my blackberry. I does so much in such a tiny little space.

Donna Lee said...

I haven't had the urge for a blackberry/iphone device. My husband has one and he loves it but I haven't made the leap.

Alwen said...

"Could it be... A WORK SPACE?"

Nah, looks like a ritual set up for finding a house!

Roxie said...

Ahhh, a work space. Awesome!

"I love my glasses." Smiles, smiles all day for that one.

Good husbeast to be giving you blackberries!

Barbara said...

Are you house hunting? I hear it's a buyers' market these days. (not sure what that means but I think saying it makes me sound smart about numbers.)

Happy, happy Goober!

I am intrigued by Blackberries and those fancy iPhones, and I want a GPS to try geocaching, but can't even figure out how to glom movies out of the digital video toy and put them on the computer. Better wait until our son and DIL move back so they can teach me.

Anonymous said...


WikiBobo said...

Good. Another member of the BB gang! My problem with the iPhone is a service one: I hate AT&T, and VZW is just so much more reliable (I travel too much for work to be out of touch). Plus I can use it overseas -- nice when I don't want to drag my laptop around.

Glasses are good. Stylish glasses are better!

Buy a house. I'll live vicariously through you, since I just planted a rhododendron in my back yard and therefore cannot abandon it -- or the rest of my little condo -- to someone who wouldn't appreciate it!

NeedleTart said...

When the Baby (who is 22 now) had to get new glasses, the Husband said we needed to put it off until payday (he would never, never, never say THAT again) and when Baby got his new lenses he said, "Wow! There are LEAVES on the trees!" which explains why we don't put off new lenses any more.
Verification: mandsion - where you you will soon be moving (away from the smokers' gulag)

Deana said...

Guilty as charged. :)