Saturday, March 06, 2010

Meet my new drum carder.

...yeah. Doesn't look like a drum carder, does it?

Two days ago, a virus ate my computer. I'd backed it up a few days earlier, because it was acting funky, so not much data was lost. I went out and used my drum carder budget (I'd been saving up for a while) to buy a net book. The net book, plus the external CD ROM, came out to almost exactly what I'd planned to spend on the drum carder. The kismet of the whole thing should probably please me, but it doesn't.

I'd been planning to get a net book for awhile. When I go back to school, I'm going to need something like this to use for school; the days of taking notes by hand for hours at a time are over. With this, I should do all right - type notes for all my classes except math. Do math by hand. Oughta work.

So, ultimately, I just got this a little early. Didn't derail my plan entirely. But I'm still mad I didn't get a drum carder.

Fucking viruses.


Other news... Hmmm.

I think I'm starting to feel better. Still having trouble sleeping, but otherwise the breathing is going better. Now I need to shovel out the apartment, seeing as I haven't really cleaned in a month, since I got sick. Urgh.

Started watching Castle. Fun show. Humor, good writing, good mysteries (I have yet to figure one out in the first half hour of the show - my usual rule of thumb for decent plot), and Nathan Fillion. Can't really beat it.

Am finally gearing up to start on the bag I'm supposed to be knitting with my mother-in-law. She's been at it for two months now. With luck, this should mean fiber related posts soon. I hope.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go re-install a shitload of software. Anyone seen my Civ IV install CD?


Walden said...

The drum carder is lovely . . . seems to have a few identity issues though. :) Sorry about things not going as hoped.

Barbara said...

You know, I thought drum carders were... rounder and had a crank. Hmm, maybe the crank's on the back?

I hate when my computer eats its own head. I lost most of a novel and a whole whack of short stories once so I'm a very good and prompt backer-upper. I love how teeny netbooks are, but wish they had cd-drives.

Galad said...

I have a netbook I travel with and really like it. Not quite as fast as my laptop but fine for most things.

Glad to hear you are feeling better!

Leonie said...

Using hubby's laptop to stay in the loop because the keyboard on my laptop did not survive the dunking in tea it got last week. Waiting for my new laptop to turn up and then I too will be looking for install CD's!!

Castle is ace, one of the few shows my husband makes an effort to remember the time and day of so he doesn't miss it!

Hope the netbook lives up to it's requirements ours has been a hit for the last 6 months for my husband who uses public transport to and from work.

And yes that would make two laptops and a netbook can you tell he works in IT???

Nalamienea said...

If you enjoy Civ IV and Castle, we would get along fantastic! ;) If you can't find your install dvd let me know and I'll pass mine along! hehe

Alwen said...

That model is... new to me.

Let's turn the spammers and the virus writers over to Dr. Evil so they can spend a couple of decades frozen in ice having their mojo tapped.

Mandy said...

Why a netbook instead of another laptop? Is it just the size issue for carrying to school and whatnot? 'Cuz it seems you could have wiped and reloaded the laptop for less than a new netbook?

On another note - I love Castle! It and Numb3rs are the only shows I make any effort to watch anymore. Other than those two, the TV could stay off forever in my house! (It won't, of course, since my husband and son like background noise, so I end up at the library a lot to study!)

Donna Lee said...

So, maybe a drum carder will show up at a yard sale?.......hope springs eternal. When I go to estate sales, I always hope that one of the family members was a crafter but usually, someone else in the family has scarfed up all the good stuff.

Roz said...

Had to leave a comment because of the word: "fiesto."

Anyway. As someone said, I hate it when computers eat their own heads. What a great image. I might have to write a story around it.

Yay for knitting! Guess I'll go do some.

Amy Lane said...

You know... I think there's an app for that...

But yeah-- I'm glad you're feeling better, and the drum carder is, well, very computer like. Purty, but not quite what you had in mind.

bobbins said...

sorry about the computer, but I love my netbook. I would use it more, but I love the larger screen on the desktop MORE.

Can't beat the portability and even the keyboard is a pretty good size and not too hard for me to use. Although I would hate to try to write a major text on it...

Oh, and have you seen this book?

Women's Work: The First 20,000 Years Women, Cloth, and Society in Early Times
By Elizabeth Wayland Barber