Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tales from the dark side.

Blogging from the husbeast's computer, because the netbook is dead. The sugar in the tea got it. I would have said I don't put much sugar in my tea, but the netbook looks and acts like I poured corn syrup over it - the keys are stuck down, there's goo all through it, and it's a mess. We'll see about fixing it, but I don't have much hope.


The husbeast has been very nice through the whole mess, only saying something strongly worded about never putting tea near any electronics again. Since that's a valid point I can hardly argue about it. I think other than the 'might as well have lit some money on fire' aspect of it, he's enjoying the fact that he's got such good ammunition to use against me. Yesterday we drove over to Ohio, and I was ragging on him about his ability to get lost on roads he's driven for twenty years, and he said "How about some tea?" and shut me right up. In the long run he might decide this was almost - but not quite - worth it.

When the spill happened, I must have made one hell of an impression on the Goober (there may have been screaming involved). Because for the next two days she followed me around saying "Don't spill, mumma."



The good news is, with no computer to use, I'm getting more knitting done. I may catch up to my mother-in-law on this bag by the time I see her next week. I'm doing the sort rows in stranded color right now (there are only twenty-four of them), and she's at the same part of the bag. So another ten, twenty rows and I'll be within a reasonable reach of her, and we'll be able to get the rest of this bag knit together, since that was the plan when she bought it for me.

I'm also spinning, and may be trying my first attempt at art yarn soon.

Photos of all this as soon as I get some kind of netbook again. Which may be fairly soon, but every time I look at it I'll see money going up in smoke and want to beat my head on a wall.



I've been using my Blackberry for everything, and am keeping in touch with people via Twitter and e-mail, which are easy to use on it. (So if you wanna get in touch...) The husbeast told me yesterday that my texting skills now approach that of a teenaged girl, which is kind of disturbing. But I'm still only half as fast as my nephew. I'll worry when I catch up to him. (And once he knows I have a Blackberry, he'll probably suggest we have races or something.)


So, other than the tea spill that I'm STILL kicking myself for (and will be for quite a while to come, I imagine), all is well at House O' Samurai. The husbeat has been positively saintly over the whole mess. The Goober is having a growth spurt and is totally psyched to see grandma and grandpa soon. We may be going to the museum again soon. Or the science center. Or something.

Imagine me knitting stranded color short rows, muttering "I can't believe I spilled that tea, I AM SUCH AN IDIOT." and you've got the idea.


Alwen said...

I guess that's one advantage of my big old dinosaur CPU. I could still spill tea, but it would only get in the keyboard & we have at least one extra.

Nalamienea said...

I don't suppose just swapping out keyboards is going to work? I know a bit about computers, bu I've never seen the inside of a laptop. I hope it works out!

Emma M. said...

Wow, now I'm going to have to rethink my own habits. It's not at all unusual for my mug of sweetened coffee to sit right beside my netbook. And I'd be devastated to lose this computer.

ladytemeraire said...

Kudos to the husbeast for not reacting any worse than that. This is why I never have food and drink at my desk - it's always on my nightstand, because I am paranoid about frying my laptop. Good luck in getting a new one.

Also, knitting question: I've been batting around sweater designs and was looking through some of your archives for ideas. I ran across the lopi steeked jacket, and I was wondering if the saddle-shoulder method could be jiggered a little to do in-the-round set-in sleeves. You can email or tweet me - whatever works. Thanks in advance!

walterknitty said...

It's one of those craptacular things in life. But, it is what it is. Hope you're up and running on a new rig soon.

laurel said...

In my ceramics class (woo.) the computer and keyboard are covered in the professional 21st century version of an old lady wrapping her floral print couch in plastic... I was thinking of where I could get one...

I feel for you. Hope it can still be saved.

Roxie said...

And beating your head on the wall does nothing but leave dents in the sheetrock. Oh, my heart goes out to you! Accidents happen and the husbeast is being a prince about it.

Glasses, growth spurt, what's up next for the goober?

bellsknits said...

I learned that lessson the hard way too. Thankfully we were able to partially safe the Macbook by attaching an external keyboard to it which I used for years.

No more drinks near computers.

Knit Wit said...

irrelevant comments

Donna Lee said...

We've gone through several keyboards because of tea spills (and we drink unsweetened tea). But at least it's just a keyboard. You can replace a keyboard in a laptop and you can pop the keys off and clean under them. At least on some models. I'd figure, what do I have to lose?, and play around with it.

historicstitcher said...

For what it's worth, netbooks are relatively easy to take apart. Mine haad crud under the trackpad button and was driving me bananas, and I found all sorts of helpful advice online. Did you know there are netbook-specific forums??? All the experts seem to hang out there, and love to treat you like an idiot for not searching the forums before asking'll love it.

Amy Lane said...

Dude... we've all been there. I once wrecked two brand new cars within the space of a month. The first time I got rear ended in a car less than a week old. The second time, I was driving the replacement car and I cut a turn so badly, I almost had to pay a high school parking lot for a new fence. I came home from that one, sat on the lawn and just looked into outer space. Mate came outside, saw me sitting on the lawn and sat down next to me.

"Wanna talk about it."



"I'm too stupid to live."

"Okay. C'mere."

Goooooooooodddd Mate.

Cynder said...

I've killed laptops within a few months of getting them before (closed the screen on a pen). I've said it in Twitter, but (hugs)

GrillTech said...

I don't know how blackberry gets its apps, but I would imagine there is something pretty equivalent to the Iphone. There is a blogger app that lets you post to blogger directly from your phone, called blogpress. While not as good as having a full computer it'll work in a pinch.