Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Back in the saddle.

Or intertubes. As the case may be.

I've got a few edumacational posts up my sleeve, but for tonight, what's been going on around here. With some photos! Some of you who've been hanging around on Twitter with me (I can text it on my phone) have seen some of these before. But it's what I've got, so bear with me. And they're blurry because I took the photos with my phone. All in all, a half-assed blog post, but it's what I got.

The stranded color short-rows are coming along swimmingly.

Honestly, this isn't hard. It's fussy, and more trouble than it's worth for more than a short wedge of knitting like this. But it isn't hard. There are twenty-four rows total in the pattern, and I have five to go. I hope to have them done by the time I see my mother-in-law on Friday. (Tomorrow will be spent knitting, at least until those five futzy rows are done with.)

I'm giving art yarn a try. Super-coils, or beehives, depending on which book you read.
You can see one there toward the left side, in blue and pink. I should probably use this stuff to knit a sweater for the Goober, but it's more likely I'll sell it. This is just a test spin for the Gear Yarn, so I need to get moving on it.

Otherwise, I got a funny Goober photo.

Sekhmet jumped on up in the chair with her and laid down. The Goober wasn't as freaked out as she looks in that photo; I caught her in the middle of yelling "MOOOOM! GET THE CAT OFF ME!" The cat's kind of heavy.

And here's another photo of Sekhmet, this one in a sunbeam. I just like it because it makes her fur look all soft and foozy.

So, that's it. Hopefully things will get more interesting around here now that I'm actually knitting. For now, Mythbusters is on, and I gotta go do these five rows.


Barbara said...

I just can't get over how much of a person she's turning into. Growing too fast. Thanks for the photos. One of my aims for this year is to try my hand and knitting with more than one color yarn.

choperena said...

I was totally watching Mythbusters on the treadmill tonight! I get so frustrated by the one useless chick on there. I know I am better qualified, and they should hire me!!! Especially after that episode where they make hair and toilet paper ropes to "bust out of jail". For crying out loud. Doesn't anybody there understand the basics of spinning/plying/making a damn rope?

I need a job :(

Donna Lee said...

Are you used to seeing her in glasses?

I don't understand the appeal of coils in handspun. Spin Off did a whole turorial on how to do them and I don't get it. I like my yarn smooth and fairly even.

Roxie said...

captions for that photo "Mom, she says I have to go to my room now!"

Neat yarn! This is why I don't learn to spin fine and smooth. Texture is SO much fun!

So is the laptop/netbook situation fixed?

Alwen said...

Lookit the pretty yarnz!

And aw, man! Yesterday she was just a baby! (Says the mom of a how-did-he-get-to-be-ten-already kid.)

Amy Lane said...

LOL-- good pictures, sweets-- thanks for those!