Thursday, March 18, 2010


I must be feeling better because I did this today.

It's like spinning Easter eggs. (I didn't dye this stuff. I bought it like this.) If you look closely, you can see a thick and thin sort of thing going on. After working for two years to learn how to spin evenly, now I'm figuring out how to do this instead. What's hardest for me is the random aspect. You may have noticed I'm a bit obsessive about order. (At least when it comes to patterns. My work space is another story.) This is a test spin for the Gear Yarn. Said gears still need prepped - little pointy bits trimmed off. Maybe this weekend.

Then, just as I was getting into it, the husbeast came home and I was forced to live up to what I said, and we took the Goober to the museum with her new glasses. At rush hour. Down town. Never doubt that I love this kid.

The glasses are REALLY working, because I was standing there reading about T Rexes and Allosaurs, and the Goober looked up, pointed, and said "LOOK!"

It's a fuckin' PTEROSAUR. AND I MISSED IT THE FIRST TIME. It is bigger than my Jeep! I do believe I said "Holy SHIT!" when I looked up and saw it. I said it loudly. People glared.

I'd say Mumma needs new glasses, but I just got a pair.

So we dragged home again, and I did a couple loads of laundry, and I should really get my butt to bed, but I wanna spin more singles.

Maybe tomorrow I'll finally get off my ass and cast on all those stitches, for the tapestry bag. My mother-in-law will be back in Ohio soon, so it'd be good if I caught up with her by then. Since we originally agreed to knit it together.

While I was getting the pterosaur photo off my camera, I spotted this one I snapped last summer.

I thought you guys would get a kick out of it.


Mandy said...

Love the pterosaur, love the pretty little Goober! Kinda makes me want to drive to Pigsbird to take my kid to the museum - he loves dinosaurs!

Amy Lane said...

The pterosaur is VERY cool... and the Goober breaks my heart...

Galad said...

Awesome pterosaur and awesome parents for taking the Goob to the museum again.

The cuteness of the Goob is just too much - thankfully she's got the quick wit that will keep it from being sappy :-)

Donna Lee said...

Holy shit indeed! Look how thin the bones are on the pterosaur. I'd want to get closer and touch it. Museums hate me. I'm very tactile and want to touch paintings and bones and such. I just want to see what they feel like.

PICAdrienne said...

She must be a truly happy little camper to get to truly SEE the dinos this time around.

So, was she explaining something to you in the summer shot? The way her hand is, makes it looks like she was using her hands for emphasis. Love it when little kids do that.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh. She has grown up so much this year.


Emily said...

Wow.The change in the Goob. She's a real girl now, no more baby. Wow.

People can glare all they want about potty words; still just words.

However, when my kids started using the f-word while talking to me, I had to explain that in my day (when dinosaurs roamed), the f-word was so bad that even greasers didn't use it. When my kids used it, I felt slapped, which would shock me into not being able to hear what they were trying to say. They stopped front of me, anyway.

I also made the point that "bad" words are very useful when one is enraged beyond speech, but lose their power when used casually. Best to save them for when you really need them, I said.

Besides which, some people will judge one quite harshly for using them, which is silly but avoidable.

Didn't intend to lecture here. Just saying.

Barbara said...

Wow, has the Goob grown!

You're a good mother to keep your word so that Dadad could see the dinos too, and the Goob could see them clearly. *pat, pat*

Alwen said...

Wow. It took me becoming a mom myself to really appreciate all those great-aunts telling me how much I'd grown.

Vaughnde said...

Awww I love the Yarn! I also love your cute little Goober. She's beautiful and her hair....wish mine was that way but no....

That dinosaur is something! Never been to a dino museum but then there isn't any around here unless I head to Portland!

Leonie said...

Love the pterosaur, I'm betting first time round you were keeping an eye on a small child since her father wasn't present to share the task and it's pretty hard to keep track of a small child while looking at the roof!!! Goob has grown so much it's sometimes disturbing when stuff like that is obvious all of a sudden but nice because they are such an ongoing project.

PS hope the netbook is working out for you, my new laptop has arrived and I am in lurve:-)