Monday, March 22, 2010

I married a crazy man, part the next.

The husbeast figured out that I was gradually easing into jewelry making, and before I knew it, a craft vise had appeared on my work space.

Along with safety glasses, of course.

He also shopped the laundry room of the apartment building (people drop off used-but-still-good things there in case anyone else wants them), and got me a really nice spinning table. SUPER nice, considering it was free. I forgot to take a photo of it, but it's way better than the fifty gallon plastic storage tub I was using. Sturdier, too.


Hey, look! KNITTING!

This is the (badly photographed) start of the East Meets West Satchel from Knitpicks (that's a Ravelry link). I'm knitting the lavender version. I think. It's kind of hard to be sure with all the colors.

You know you're crazy when the first line is "Cast on 450 sts. Join without turning, knit one round plain." Everyone on Twitter last night gleefully told me I was insane. And then begged me to document the madness. So here you go. Step one. (For the next major cast-on, I will document how to do it without losing your mind. Much.)

This is the kit my mother-in-law bought me for my birthday last year. She'd wanted to learn color knitting and loved the bag. I agreed that after knitting the bag, she'd be color-knitting invincible. We made vague plans to knit them together, and before I knew it, Birthday Claus had delivered twenty-plus balls of yarn. She cast on a couple months ago, in Florida on vacation. She's been working on it ever since, calling me to ask questions. She'll be home in a couple weeks, and at that point, we should really get serious about knitting them TOGETHER. For that, I need to catch up. There's hope, but I need to get off my ass.


Today the Goober drew a treasure map. So I hid a Reece's peanut-butter egg in the teapot in the kitchen, and the husbeast helped her read the map and find it.

Here she is, counting her steps.

Now if you'll excuse me, I must go knit like the wind. While watching Castle.


Roxie said...

He is a tool-meister. Any excuse to buy any kind of tool is a good excuse.

The treasure map intrigues me. If you hide the treasure, shouldn't you draw the map? Or does the husbeast have extreme map reading skills?

Barbara said...

Okay, I can't stand it any longer; it's "vise" that you use to hold things on your worktable. A "vice" is a defect of character. Sorry, I'm a vocabulary geek.

Treasure maps make excellent birthday surprises.

Catie said...

Thanks for documenting the madness and insanity - I'm currently in for some academic insanity/business so reading about a different type of insanity would be nice and fun

mrsfife said...

Use a crochet cast-on to cast on the stitches directly to the needle. I find it less tedious than any knit method.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Barbara, but only because I'm a pedant ... in English English vice means both the thing you use to hold a tool to your worktable and the defect of character. Hence in the Oxford English Dictionary: vice n2 - 5. A tool composed of two jaws, opened and closed by means of a screw, which firmly grip and hold a piece of work in position while it is being filed, sawn, or otherwise operated upon; used especially by workers in metal or carpenters. The spelling vise is now usual only in the US. Which is fine seeing that's where you are. No offence intended. Antonia.

Donna Lee said...

Aren't tool obsessed husbands the best? The Goober looks intent on her counting. How did she know where the treasure was? Or did you read the map and place the treasure in the appropriate spot.

Emily said...

Lucky, lucky woman, to be so loved.

Anonymous said...


Amy Lane said...

I finally started watching my back-eps... fun show! Go Goober! Treasure map idea is AWESOME!