Friday, March 12, 2010

Mission accomplished.

I used the husbeast's GPS unit and found the museum this morning. There was a great deal of squealing and yelling "LOOK A STEGOSAURUS!" and running from dino to dino. Pretty much everyone in the place was giggling.

Then we found the kid's exhibit, and, well. We were there for a while.

I'm never getting the clay out of my shoes.

I took this photo for all my fellow geeks out there; obviously, that's the main dinosaur room down there. The windows to the left? THAT IS THE LIBRARY IN THERE. I want to freaking LIVE in that library.

After I got there and started reading information, I found out that the Carnegie has the third largest display of mounted dinosaurs IN THE WORLD, after two different branches of the Smithsonian. So the Goob's gonna get spoiled. That T-Rex the Goober's in front of, in the first photo? That's not a cast replica. It's THE REAL DEAL. If you're a museum nut like I am, you're impressed. I was. (Apparently they've got their own fossil bed in Utah that Andrew Carnegie bought them, or something insane like that. Those gilded era robber baron scumbags never did anything by half.)


So, we got home, and I found Sekhmet chewing the stickers off the Goober's box.



The final act of the day (other than laying in bed, playing Emperor) was to run out to Barnes and Noble and buy a Vogue Knitting. Yeah, yeah, I know. I got so many e-mails and comments from so many of you, asking me to keep up the good work... well. All of you told me you found the reviews educational, and I started this blog to help share what I've learned with less experienced knitters. So it seemed stupid to stop something educational. The emphasis on the reviews is going to shift a bit, with that in mind (I think we've pretty firmly established that VK isn't high fashion). But, I bought a damn copy. Because when I get "How dare you?" my reply has always been "I paid for the motherfucker, I can review it."

Interestingly, a lot of the stuff is wearable. But their summer issues are historically their better work.


kate said...

Yay, you made it!

That library is one of my favorite places ever. They pretty much have everything. :)

laurel said...

Augh! You have given me dino-fevah! I actually bought this lovely giant encyclopedia of dinosaurs published by Amber (I think they are trying to knock off DK). The museums in San Antonio are not big on dinosaurs all year, but there will be a nice exhibit soon.

I love how pretty much all children love dinosaurs, myself included. I just refuse to grow out of them, I don't care how old I get. NatGeo has some pretty cool specials on now and again...

But better dinosaurs than ponies because the dinos are extinct and you cannot be pleaded to death to buy one.

Enjoy the nice museum and try not to shoot civic workers for the lack of signage.

caryn said...

Happy day at the dinos. My first trip to Washington DC I went to the Natural History Museum and checked out the dinosaurs. I patted the T. Rex on the snout. Yes, there is a sign that says don't touch but the T. Rex is the real deal and its snout is right there on the rail at hand level just begging to be patted. How could one not?
I remember my nephew when he was not even 5 years old being able to recognize and rattle off the Latin names of dozens of dinosaurs. Impressed the hell out of me.

Nicole said...

Awww! The Goober is so happy and CUTE! Hehe. The little pint-sized nerdy goodness just about explodes my cute-o-meter.

Glad you made it to the museum. One of my debate coaches and I got into this really big discussion the other day about education and how society approaches it these days (i.e., shove information down kids' throats without telling them any reason as to WHY they're learning it). It's really good to see kids' minds being enriched.

Amy Lane said...

WOW. That is a freakin' awesome museum. The dinosaur bones ROCK--and the cat will crap out the stickers eventually. We've taken our kids to the exploratoreum... good times!!!

Barbara said...

Aw, who cares about clay in your shoes? The Goob got to see her dinosaurs! Yes, they are hers, really, I can tell by the look on her face. Excellent library. Happy researching! So glad you found the place.

Donna Lee said...

I love the action photos. You're in trouble now. She'll never want to come home!

tina-marie said...

Atta girl! I am sure Goob had the best time ever! I miss when Selby was little! *sob*

But I gotta tell you Jules, something must be in the air 'cause I just remembered why I started my fucking blog's about the knitting!!! The life stuff is supposed to be an aside. Oh who am I kidding...we all live vicariously through eachs others lives don't we? *L* Good on ya girlfirend!

Going out to get a copy of VK so we can rip on the patterns!

Emily said...

Oh, what a delightful post!

Am I to assume you'll be going there many times a week from now on? I totally would.

When my kids were young & doing well in school, I'd sometimes take them out of school on a Monday & take us to New York, to the American museum of Natural History, which was open on Mondays (the only one in NYC), & blissfully peaceful with no hordes of screaming kids. I wish we had lived closer; we're about 50 miles away. It was a day's expedition.

Louiz said...

Oh wow! And you say there's a library... mmmmm

Anonymous said...

oh she looks like she had a great time! She's getting to be such a grown up girl!

Good for you on the review. I say go for it!

Alwen said...

Glad you conquered the road madness.

And as to the museum - JELL.US.

Chicago museums are fairly close to us, but still.

Shoveling Ferret said...

Eeeee, dinosaurs! And pretend digging!

Also, word verification is "trymeths" Is Blogger trying to tell me something?

Roxie said...

I had a boss from Chicago who pretty much equated the Carnegie with the Vatican in terms of profound reverence. You and the Goober will be well served!

Kate said...

That museum looks AMAZING, for kids and grownups alike!