Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Topic jumble.

The big news here is that I finally found my way downtown (with the help of the husbeast's GPS unit) to the chronic pain specialist yesterday. Remember, this is the appointment that got missed twice before - once right after that massive snowfall when I was stuck on the road in two feet of snow with idiots in Dodge Neons, and again when I got lost, drove around until fifteen minutes after the appointment was supposed to start, and then had to pull off the road to have an anxiety attack. So, it was an achievement just getting there. The office staff was wonderfully helpful, the doctor is involved and does actual exams and discussions, and she agreed with my original diagnosis and gave me a medication I've been trying to get for six months.

I think it's working because I'm already starting to feel less like a shambling zombie. If it turns out this stuff DOES work (Flector, an anti-inflammatory patch I'm wrapping around my wrist), I am going to write a strongly worded letter to Dr. Chen, explaining how I've felt like crap for three months when I didn't have to, because he's an asshole.


We weren't home from the museum last week for quite twenty-four hours when the Goober asked to 'go back and see the dinosaurs again'. I told her we were going to wait until she got her glasses, so she could see it all better. So now, every morning, she asks me if we're getting her glasses today. With luck, they'll be here tomorrow. We're going to take her to the first evening the museum is open, after that; the husbeast can come along that way, but we won't be stuck in the weekend chaos. According to the web site, they hosted sixty-five THOUSAND school groups last year. I can't begin to imagine.


Here is the Goober, with a dinosaur-shaped crayon. Apparently they're really cool.

She has also figured out how to properly sit in a beanbag chair:


Sekhmet has always enjoyed laying on my computers, because they're warm. Unfortunately, this new netbook has a lot less space for her. She was laying with her chin on the mouse pad. You wanna see a computer go totally haywire? Put a cat chin on the mouse pad. So I turned that off. Then her chin migrated to the space bar.

That's when she became sail cat.


Charging the iPod with the idea of actually doing some spinning later. Fiber-related activity!!

And bringing home to me how really bad I've felt since we moved here... I don't have a work space. I've got a space for a work space, but I never set it up. So instead of spinning that may be what I'm doing tonight - getting out the tools and other stuff so I have space to make some jewelry and ribbon flowers and stuff. I've gotta get back to making stuff before I go insane.


For those of you guys who read my archeology post and asked how on earth I keep up on all that stuff, here's how. Many, many magazines, museums, and other non-profit organizations these days have RSS feeds set up. That means you can set it up to have news fed to your blog reader. I follow a couple magazines (Wired, Popular Science, etc), the British Museum, the Smithsonian, and a bunch of other stuff. Of course, that means you've got a vast amount of information to sift through every day, but that's kind of the fun of it. I'm not claiming to read everything that gets coughed into my blog reader, but when things catch my eye (like that Viking execution), it's easy to go research from there.

And the Goob just knocked over half the stuff on the dining room table, so I've gotta push "publish" and go clean up. Sigh.


Roxie said...

Hooray for meds that work! You are even starting to sound like yourself again.

Have you noticed that cats have the glide ratio of peanut butter? It's very hard to teach them to fly, no matter how often you throw them.

Nalamienea said...

Yay for meds! I know I don't know you... like in the real people world... but I really really hope that this works for you! I'm emotionally invested and stuff. hehe

You didn't speak of chest congestion, so is it assumed that it's all cleared too?

bobbins said...

Let's hear it for drs that actually listen to the patient and take time for an exam. Sooo glad you found one!

Enjoyed the jumble of topics!

Amy Lane said...

(sail cat... heee heee heee... funny how that breed-trait can lay dormant for YEARS!)

You and the Goob have such wonderful times together. It makes me wonder what's wrong with me that I wish we'd never taught Squish how to talk.

ellen in indy said...

so glad that the goober's finding out now that the world has distinct edges and the trees have individual leaves. i either didn't know that until 6th grade or had forgotten it for a few years before getting my glasses.

otoh, being able to perceive the world clearly will make her even more of a challenge to any future teacher who expects all kids to be "average" or "typical" or "normal," because it's quite obvious already that the goober takes after her parents in a very good way.