Tuesday, November 01, 2011

NaNoWriMo. Sorta.

It's November, the month that crazy people try to write a novel in thirty-one days. That's way too extreme for me (good luck to you folks trying it), but I thought I'd use the buzz around the internet to get me back to blogging.

I want to write a blog post every day this month.

Now that (I think) all of the zombie-making drug is finally out of my system, I'm having to get things going again; exercise, knitting, spinning, WRITING. So I'm Just Gonna Do It.

Here we go.


I've been pondering WHAT to blog for quite a while. I think really I need to quit thinking and start writing. But, topic ideas include more history, some entries on world religions (history and description, not editorializing), and like that. Plus there's that series I did years ago on color; I could do white, or black, or specific dyes. The discussions of fashion designers remain popular. And I've got decades of fashion left to do.

Plus there's always plants. And with Thanksgiving coming up I'll probably start babbling about food soon.

Right. I shall kick myself in the ass as needed.


laurel said...

I've been thinking deeply about plants (as some small cacti scream they would like to be re-potted now in the background) but I think my vote is for fashion because I am a clothes whore.

And I have long been too ashamed to ask what in the hell NaNoWriMo means. There's another one for knitting stuff too.

Faye said...

PLUS, there is a new VK! And it's full of everything we love to hate about VK! I always start salivating for a review here as soon as I see the preview go up!

Carol said...

Plants would be great. I loved when you told us about stevia and the politics behind it. I often times wonder why when you travel and taste new plants why we don't have them here. In Mexico they have an herb like plant that is like cilantro called Papalo. It is really yummy. Eaten raw.
We ate it on Cemitas which is a sandwich the local people of Puebla make.
I also love to put Purslane, known botanically as Portulac oleracea, in my homemade soup.
Why are Americans so adverse to using weeds in their cooking?
What are good weeds to use in our cooking?
BTW, Cemitas is a sandwich that uses round crusty french bread, add Milanesa which is thinly sliced beef, breaded and fried, marinated onions, the best cheese like mozzarella but in long strings like spaghetti, a whole avocado, chipotle chili, papalo, oil & vinegar. SUPER YUM.
I can't duplicate the taste here. But I digress.

Sarah {The Student Knitter} said...

Laurel, if you ever check the comments on this blog again: it's National Novel Writing Month (I think!).

I vote fashion too. I love it!

Donna Lee said...

thirty days. 50,000 words in 30 days. Nutso crazy.

There's a lot of people doing the blog everyday in November. I wonder if part of it is the change in weather that motivates people?

I am glad the drugs are leaving your system and your brain is reengaging. That must feel good.

Roxie said...

Write on, sister! You could also tell us about the joys of home-schooling in the winter. And we always enjoy photos of the Goob and Sekhmet.

Anonymous said...

so I just had this idea that someone should write a book about a detective who also knits. patterns included.