Tuesday, November 29, 2011

And then, nothing happened!

I've been under the weather for the last two days and have nothing really to blog about, but damn it, I said I'd blog every day, so here I am. Hi. Or something. I guess I'll just do a topic jumble.

Someone asked me today where the VK review was. It's still in my head. Honestly, I've been bored with them for years and would have quit doing them around 2009, but they keep pissing me off, one way or another. Eventually, on a day I'm feeling particularly grumpy, I'll do the one I've got laying here now. But mostly, I can sum it up easily enough in one word: "Feh."

Several friends have been asking me to review other knitting magazines. Partly because it might make me seem less biased, but mostly 'cause they just wanna laugh their butts off, I suspect. I'm sure I could do more of the same I do with VK, namely discuss how the piece has been photographed and who it would look good on. But really, I don't feel like I NEED to review any other knitting magazines, because all of them deliver on their claims. Decent patterns, reasonable errata notification, the probability that if you follow the pattern you'll get something that looks like the picture. But, we'll see.


The Goob crashed and burned today. The whole side of her face is bruised, and her glasses are bent all to hell and one of the lenses popped out. She's a pretty cautious kid (you know those adrenaline junkie kids who want to jump off the roof? Not mine) so this was the most serious spill we'd had in a while.

She fell over the arm of the couch, face-first into the legs of a really sturdy table. At first it was funny; all I could see from where I was sitting was butt and legs in the air. Then she started crying, I got up, and, well. It's a miracle she didn't break her arm. In fact, I let her get herself up, because I was unsure what she'd hurt and what she hadn't. So far, no complaints from her about her arm, just her face.

Next time she needs to get up OFF the couch and walk AROUND it to pick up the damn Buzz Lightyear on the floor.

Right now she's wearing her old glasses. I REALLY need to order her a couple sets, with the most obnoxious frames I can find, for Christmas. She seems fascinated by the rhinestones in my glasses. Heehee.


There have been many questions about my fingernails, on line and off, the last two days. So, what the hell.
The RIDICULOUS glitter is a brand called KleanColor, in a shade called "Afternoon Picnic". It goes on like a layer of asphalt and removes with about the same level of trouble, but it looks pretty cool while it's on. Under it is a pretty run-of-the-mill blue creme I got at the drug store.

Speaking of nail polish, several folks mentioned that I may want to watch it, with my migraines. I appreciate the thought. Actually, it's my asthma that can get set off by the polish fumes. My migraines are a symptom of this stupid chronic pain thing I've got going, and aggravated by a past skull fracture (really), my hormone cycle, and the weather. I've never noticed any chemical exposure setting off a migraine, but you guys are right -- chemical exposure IS a common trigger for some folks.


Right now I'm reading "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo". Having been an English major, back at the dawn of time, I'm rather surly about Great Literature and so I sneer quite a lot at critically acclaimed novels. But, the trailer for the upcoming movie intrigued me, and I happened to have a copy that my SIL gave me last year, so I pulled it out. It's good. I like it. I won't go into annoying raptures on the state of modern literature (because that stuff pisses me off), but it's good. There's a really dense plot, which I can enjoy if the characters are interesting, and these are. The prose is pretty spare, but I don't know if that's because it's a translation; probably a little bit of both the translating an the original form. At any rate, if you're looking for a good mystery to read, you could do a lot worse.


Jessim said...

Have you tried zenni optical for glasses? I feel guilt over by passing by awesome eye doctor for China made glasses, but I got a pair for $25, and that was with upgraded lenses. They look decent on me and are perfect for a back up pair... My las glasses.cost over $400 and I just can't stomach that again unless I have to...

Jen Anderson said...

I just ordered some soy nail polish remover from pritinyc.com/ Bust magazine gave it a good review--no chemical smell. You might want to give it a try for your asthma, if you think it's worth it.

Amy said...

I highly recommend all 3 books in the series. And the Swedish movies made from the books are unbelievably awesome! I hope the Hollywood versions are at least as good.

Cynder said...

First, I hope this actually posts, I'm reading it after that random 1 am scream fest/I need a glass of water that we parents have to deal with on my phone.

Second, thank-you for answering about the VK (it auto corrected to BJ again ^_~) review. No rush, take your time. I've just been waiting on your and the husbeast's honest opinion on the fuglyness of *the hat*.

Third, I'm one of those lovely people whose migraines are caused by chemical exposure (perfumes and shit) and I fell your pain for suffering them without that trigger.

Fourth, poor Goob. Give her hugs and kisses for me.

Fifth, I devoured all three books in the series last year. And I also recommend the Swedish movies. Much less squigley about showing parts of the book that Hollywood is sure to gloss over (but I'm still running off to see the movie when it comes out)

Betsy said...

Hope the Goob is mending without grumpiness...

We tried America's Best for glasses this time and were veryvery pleased...

I resist reading stuff that other people say is good until I (capitalize that twice) want to read it...or not. I just got around to reading The Help (also based on a movie trailer I saw) and thought it was a great read...and having lived through that time period and some of it in the South, it was very believable historically too.

Donna Lee said...

I have tried to read that book three times and just can't get into it. I am an English Major (once an english major, always an english major), too, and am skeptical whenever someone says great literature.

Barbara said...

None of those "The Girl..." books are anywhere near Great Literature but they're damned fine entertainment that you don't have to turn your brain off to enjoy. I listened to them on my iPod while I knit (thanks, library). Where do I find the Swedish movies?

Give the Goob a mug of hot cocoa to soothe her bruised self.

I too had a lot of memories resurface while listening to The Help, just hope my family didn't fit any of the stereotypes too closely.

verification word: "dicsiti" dick city? Hmm.

Emily said...

I've read legitimate criticisms of the "Girl With" books...the style, the author's habit of loading on annoying amounts of irrelevant detail, Mikael Blomkvist's fantastical sex life...but the books are great anyway. ("Les Miserables" includes huge chunks of completely irrelevant stuff that I've learned to skip right over: the battle of Waterloo, a diatribe against religious orders. Still a decent book!) Lizbet Salandar is a fascinating character.

The Swedish movies were so good that I find I'm annoyed that the Americans are trying to do it too.

Roxie said...

Poor Goob. Kisses to her bruises.

Awesome nail polish. Wish I could grow fingernails.

Girl with the dragon tattoo? Maybe as an e-book when I have lots of time to sit and read. I DID enjoy
the Help though.

Amy Lane said...

Aww.. poor Goob-- I hate to see them hurt. And I've had that on my Kindle for AGES--now I want to read it!