Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Whine, bitch, moan.

Still migraine weather here, so I'm still, well, all fucked up. And I've got tendonitis in my shoulders from playing Rabbids (this mostly amuses me). And, well, fuck it.

Some photos off my phone, since I have nothing much to blog about and migraines are pretty fuckin' boring.

Oh, and I did a George Jetson, pulled the chip out of my phone, and plugged it into my net book. That always makes me boggle. It's like something my BFF and I played at, with Legos, when we were kids. Seriously. We made pretend flip phones, in about 1975 when the idea of having one that actually WORKED was a figment. It never occurred to us to pretend a camera with video capabilities. That was TOO crazy.

And here I am, living in the future.

Babbling. Right. Photos.

Finished a Baby Surprise Jacket. It's done with Cascade 220 hand-dye superwash whatever. Took about a skein and a half. Super cute. Feel like someone hit my knuckles with a hammer.

We were out over the weekend and got a meal at Wendy's. The hub got a salad and picked the cherry tomatoes off it. The Goober saw them and thought they were grapes. This is the face that resulted when she ate one.

In conjunction with the new Muppet movie, OPI has come out with a collection of eight Muppet-themed colors of nail polish. This is "Meep Meep Meep", purchased entirely because I am a huge Beaker fan. You can get them at salons in JC Penney stores. Enjoy.

We're working on writing. A lot. I hates it, Precious.

I put Sekhmet on a diet, and she's lost at least a pound. You can totally tell, can't you?

The Goob likes to get up super early in the morning, nest like this, and watch cartoons. It's mostly cute, until she flings the stuff everywhere and I trip over it.

Still spinning this, when it doesn't feel like my fingers are being ripped out.

Now I get to go exercise (using a Wii Fit Plus, awesome rig) and swear at my shoulders a bit. Then maybe I'll try to get something done. Cheers.


Shoveling Ferret said...

Great pants

laurel said...

I concur about the great pants BUT you really must be specific: the pac-man ghosties pants or the monkey with geometric shapes pants?

Where are you getting these from? I want some!

Julie said...

The space monkey pants are flannel, and from

The Pac Man pants are knit jersey (tee shirt material), say "eat me", and were purchased in the men's department at Target.

Good luck and happy shopping.

Alwen said...

I've been making the kid do math. He's trying to do long division to 6 places IN HIS HEAD and yelling at me when I interrupt him and he loses his place.

Alicyn said...

@Alwen you should show your son this video of ridiculous in-the-head computation.

Alicyn said...

oops no link. if you're interested you can search for the art benjamin TED talk, or art benjamin mathemagic.

and i love the goob's face in that photo! looks like it was just as bad as getting bran when one is expecting a chocolate muffin.

Donna Lee said...

Migraines are heavy in the air over here as well. It's the weather. If it would just settle down.

I like to nest, too. I'll do that on my bed. I sit up and surround myself with pillows. It's so comforting.

Puck said...

I feel your pain about tedonitis. Ugh. My doctor is telling me I'm running out of options, and if PT doesn't work, then we're doing surgery (apparently feeling the tips of ones fingers is important >.>).

Love the Baby Surprise Jacket :D

Anonymous said...

kinect is better. you don't have to hang on to the controller. though you have to have the sensor at exactly the right height. dance central and zoomba is awesome

Barbara said...

Who you calling a bitch, Bitch? The migraines are thick here too. I'm not a participant only a spectator but still, my arthritic knees are playing and they hurt like hell most of the time. The weather needs to totally settle down.

Love the pants. Love the kid. Love the sweater. Too bad the roving's blue. I got no feeling about the cat.

verification word: "unfar" = near

Anonymous said...

Nail polish can cause migraines, specfically the toluene, the phthlates, and the formaldehyde, unless your nail polish is "three free." And don't hold me to the spelling.

Roxie said...

WHAT a prosperous cat! Obviously,this household is well-to-do!

How did you know to have the phone turned on just when the Goober ate the tomato? Brilliant photo!

Why don't we all write letters to the Goob so she understands the value of writing?

BSJ rocks! LOve the color.

Hope the migraines mitigate soon.

Corlis said...

If the picture of Goob writing is typical, kudos for having her hold the lower left corner. If she points it at her belly button, it should line up with her right arm so she has a more comfortable position for forming letters.

Is it too early to send her a notebook and cool pen for writing stories?