Saturday, November 05, 2011

...but I blogged!

Been busy all day, so I didn't have time to research anything interesting. Potential topics: drugs, plant anatomy, and colonial history. I'll try to settle on one tonight and do some poking around online for tomorrow.

This morning was the Goober's last swimming class for a while, and after that I met a blog friend in person finally (more on that later), and we visited. We also got totally lost in Pigsbird, but that gave us more time to chat. (When you cross the river seven times in an hour, you know something ain't right. Or was it eight times?) Nice afternoon. Then I came home and played Wii with my kid. And I didn't have to cook today. Damn. It was almost like a vacation.


Yesterday, I finally finished the spinning I've had on my wheel for six months, at least:
There's 500 yards of it (a bit more, actually), so I don't feel totally stupid for taking so long at it. I've no idea what I'm going to do with it.

But, now that I'm done, I've started the annual socks. Every winter (since we moved north), I've spun and knit myself a pair of socks. Last year, it was these:
Pictures! 001
This year, I've got some merino/silk blend dyed in blues from sky blue to dark indigo, mostly a medium blue. If the pattern works for the second time, I'll write 'em up for everyone.


Thanks to everyone who commented on the home schooling. It helped, a lot. You know how it is; you hear enough negative stuff and no matter how much you thought through your decision, you start thinking "crap, am I sure...?" I am reaffirmed.

To celebrate I got the Goob a book on minerals, so we can work on understanding how rocks can bend light. And a Mythbusters book because, hey, it was there, and so was I, and it teaches science with explosions.

And I got a copy of Vogue Knitting. 


Roz said...

You said the magic words: VK.

Can't wait.

abetterjulie said...

Love the yarn! Nice job. Netflix has all the Mythbusters, too. My homeschoolers love them!

Ruby Louise said...

Is it bad that I giggle every time an issue of VK arrives in my mailbox because it means one of your reviews may be coming soon?

Lola said...

What is the title of the Mythbusters book? I'm thinking about buying one for Nephew #1 to celebrate my birthday.

And I'm sooo dying to know what you think of #22. I have plenty of guesses as to what you'll be saying about this, but I'll hold my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

I love those socks!!! Great job. They even MATCH, which I think is even more spectacular. I can't wait to see the new ones.


Roxie said...

I also loved Junkyard Wars because it taught science with welding. I'll look for the Mythbusters book. the husband has a birthday coming up.

Good yarn. Lovely socks. Looking forward to the VK rant.

My verification word is vaticanc. Is this indicative of a future papal fiat?

Gauss said...

There is so much fug in this issue of VK. I can't wait for your review! The only thing better than the magazine itself is the commentary at VK 360 - there are some idiotic lines there...

NeedleTart said...

And we got to go over every bridge in Pigsbird!!