Sunday, November 06, 2011

I went a little nuts.

You know how picky I am about colors? (As well as being interested in how they're recreated.) You know how I've said my local yarn store, Natural Stitches, carries the ENTIRE Cascade 220 product line, and STILL sometimes doesn't have the color I want? (I consider this my failing, not theirs.)You know how I have, in the past, dyed my own yarn and spinning fiber to get EXACTLY what I wanted?

Right. Well. I suppose this was just a matter of time.

About twenty years ago, I bought this light blue nail polish. It was the PERFECT light blue color. But it had one problem. It didn't cover for shit. Five layers of nail polish seemed a little extreme to me. Occasionally I would pull it out, be sad that it was so pretty but didn't really work right, and put it away again.

Last week in some fugue state, I fixed it. Well, no, I didn't fix it.
I had a bottle of white nail polish sitting here. Far and away, the most common pigment for white anything these days is titanium dioxide, the stuff used in Liquid Paper to make it cover everything in one coat. (It is also put in skim milk to make it look white rather than blue. Enjoy.) White nail polish? Consider it acetone-based Liquid Paper. For nails. I KNEW it would cover. I even read the label to double check. Yes. Full of titanium dioxide.

So I poured in blue nail polish until it was the color I wanted. Viola. My light blue nail polish, with actual coverage.

I've been wearing it for three days and can't decide if this means I'm really bloody clever or have finally lost my mind. You be the judge. I'll be gloating over my nail polish.


Shoveling Ferret said...


Nicole T said...

I'll put that down as really bloody clever... and I'm never ever drinking skim milk again.

debsnm said...

I'm sure this is how mad scientists get their start.

Galad said...

I'd go with bloody clever!

Barbara said...

Pretty! I always use dark red, mostly frosted. It covers.

This is how scientific breakthroughs occur.

Roxie said...

Now, dip your fingertip in alcohol, slap a bit of newsprint across it, and get printing in reverse across the nails. cover with a topcoat of clear, and astound the masses.

It's a great color, by the way, you clever girl!

Emily said...

Oh you are clever clever clever. And dedicated to the right nail polish in a way that I could never be.

The news about skim milk stopped me dead in my tracks. Omigod.

Corlis said...

Does this mean if we wash our faces in skim milk before going outside our noses won't get burned?