Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Setting a bad example.

So, you know how you're not supposed to do anything for hours at a time? Especially when you're creaky and have a fucked up nervous system and arthritis in most of your joints?

Um. Hmmm. Yeah.
I feel kind of bad even mentioning this, because, hmmm.

I've got this friend. We will call her W. She is married to an IT dude we will call Moo. He sees and hears about all the really cool games and stuff, and it winds up passed on to me. Remember Plants Vs. Zombies? I know some of you still haven't forgiven me for that one. That was their fault. Well, a while back I got another game recommendation from W and Moo. I knew better, but I went out and bought it, anyway. I stood in the store, with the game in my hand, thinking "this is gonna turn into a time suck of epic proportion". Then I bought it.

Raving Rabbids Party Collection. For Wii. It's three games on one disc. It comes on every gaming platform known to man, but on the Wii you can pretend it's exercise. (Actually, if you ask my arms, I'm pretty sure it really IS exercise.)Today I played the Raving Rabbids TV Party for. Um. -cough- Three hours. Okay, four, but I took a break after hour one, so it's only the three hours straight, after that, that count.

I can't really feel my fingers, and my shoulders are a disaster, but I spent the day shooting zombie chickens with a plunger gun. And dancing to bad 80s music. And... uh, skiing down a mountain on an upside down cow. There were some explosions and flying through space and a gunnery sergeant in there, somewhere. It's kind of a blur.

Yeah, you wouldn't like this game. Really. Think no more about it.

I'm gonna go stick pain patches all over myself and pray to Keith Richards to make the drugs work better.


And another thing. The Goob drew a zombie.
This is the best zombie ever.


Corlis said...

Just mentioning RR caused all the teenagers present to groan loudly and tell me to avoid it at all costs. They're afraid of what it will do to their PvZ addicted mom.

debsnm said...

I should have said this before but I didn't. That is absolutely the best zombie I've ever seen drawn by a 6-yo. She's got a future, that one.

Lynda said...

Hmm, I gotta go get that game. I need more exercise.

Galad said...

Given my addictive nature with games, I'd better leave that one alone (though I might get in better shape :-)

Alacaeriel said...

I love the chunk missing from the back of the zombie's head!

Donna Lee said...

My niece drew me a birthday card with a zombie knitting inside (it said number 1 knitter). I love it.

I do not need another time suck game! Thank goodness we don't have a wii.

Barbara said...

I have a Wii. I need to be motivated to exercise more. Mmm, I'll be putting that on my Christmas list, yes I will. Oh, Santa...

Amy Lane said...

It IS the best zombie ever... and I'd say shame on you, but I do that dumb shit too!

Alwen said...

I keep TELLING my kid we need a Wii!