Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

The Goob was a fairy princess. She wore her wings over her winter coat - it was raining and forty degrees out there. I'm now stuck with a huge bowl of candy 'cause only the very local kids came around tonight.

She wanted to go as Olivia, but we got to the costume store and she spotted the wall o' wings, and she just had to have the blue and purple ones with GLITTER. So, fairy princess again. For the third or fourth year in a row. I've lost track. But, hey, you're a girl, you're six, you gotta be a fairy goddamn princess, right?
If you can't tell, she's wearing her glasses, under the mask. I was standing around, pondering cutting holes in the sides of the mask for her glasses, or something, and while I was going over every complicated scenario, the Goob solved the problem herself.

Oh, and she also demonstrated her geek heritage.
The husbeast and I mostly carved it, but she picked it. Insisted. ANGRY BIRD! Next year I'm using a hand-held jigsaw. Power tools are my friends.

While everyone was running around trick-or-treating, I ducked over to visit with the neighbors for a bit. One of the first things she asked was, "Hey, that wheel thing you use on the back porch. I keep forgetting to ask. What the hell is that?" It's my spinning wheel. Heeheehee. She wanted to know what I DID with it. I explained how I like to spin and knit socks, then wear them and feel clever. Her husband, an engineer, thought that WAS pretty clever.


Carol said...

She is so beautiful. I love her costume.
I had and still have the same hair as her. It was blonde as a child but I was curls all over my head. When it rains my hair gets BIG....LOL

She is so precious. Enjoy these years.

Donna Lee said...

We had one trick or treater. It wasn't raining but it was cold. I'm going to bring the candy into work and force it on my coworkers. Last year we had lots of kids but not so many this year. Maybe the weather or maybe they've grown up. And it doesn't help that the town restricted t or t hours. 3-7 was our official time.

Roxie said...

I would be a fairy princess every freaking year, too! LOVE the wings!!

The folks next door decorate big-time, and it was clear and dry, so we had 59 kids. Not bad for 6:00-8:30.

And love, love the spinning wheel story. Keep spreadin' the news.

Corlis said...

Dremmel, the perfect tool for carving, sanding, and mixing margaritas.

Anonymous said...

It's the feeling clever part that's kept me knitting all these years, really.

My two year old was Calvin. I knit him a Hobbes. YEAH.

Barbara said...

Love the feathered mask and WINGS. I want wings too, only mine will be red, orange and yellow, totally with sparkles.

We had 2 trick or treaters. What's up with that? I told Durwood to hide the candy so I don't eat it. He will, he's a good boy, uh, man.

Your neighbor doesn't know what a spinning wheel looks like? Do they live under rocks in Pigsbird?

Galad said...

Wonderful costume! I miss the Halloween fun. No trick or treaters came by so we have to eat all the candy. It's required by tradition you know :-)

Alwen said...


We missed Halloween! Now it is November and I am full of "Wahhhhh."