Saturday, October 22, 2011

Catch up.

You know, I am continually amazed at the drugs that are legal, and the drugs that aren't. I've spent a month going through withdrawal from a prescription drug, AFTER weaning off it for two months before that. And it's been worse than the time I took Percocet several times daily for a year, then quit cold turkey. But marijuana is illegal. This makes no fucking sense to me. (For those just checking in, I've got a chronic pain thing going on, and all this is under doctor's supervision, legal, and blah blah. Just annoying as fuck.)

I don't think I've gone two weeks without blogging since I started this thing in 2006. This whole mess royally pisses me off. Royally.

Anyway. I will comment on comments, because I got nothin', but I wanted to let youse guys know I'm still alive.


Vogue Knitting. A designer checked in and left a comment on the last review (it's over there). She asked me to correct the spelling of her name. Oops. Sorry about that. Sincerely. I did fix it, and cut and pasted it straight from your e-mail, so I hope it's correct now.

The designer also clarified the sizing issue with VK, and confirmed what we already know - that they dictate the sizes, not the designer. I guess she didn't read back further to realize we know that too. But at this point, I'm over blaming designers for the shitty sizes in VK, and I'm sorry if that last review read differently. Don't get me wrong; I still think it's complete horse shit. I just realize the designers aren't the ones producing stuff in two ridiculous sizes.


Stink bugs. Someone asked if they really stink. Not exactly. The name, as far as I understand it, is in reference to how they work: When you squish a stink bug, they send off a pheromone or stink or something, and every other damned stink bug in the tri-state area homes in on it, and goes straight for your head. That's why people go to such extreme lengths to avoid smashing them; not the stink, specifically, but the result. I've also been told that inducing death by other means (pesticides and/or soap), they still stink and still bring in all their relatives.

Over the summer, I got mad and smacked one, didn't kill it, just swatted at it as it flew past, and it STILL called in all its icky little friends. They're evil. And disgusting. And pretty damn ugly, too.


The glasses. I'm calling the Progressives my vertigo goggles. Thanks to the drug fun I'm having, I can't be sure it's the glasses, though, so I'm still wearing them off and on to try getting used to them.

My optician's nurse had shared the "point your nose at what you want to see" tip, thanks to all of you who shared it. It does help some, but now I'm wondering if all the bobbing and weaving I'm doing has something to do with it. Oy. Well, I'll keep experimenting.


Last week was my birthday. The husbeast got me another folio of Niebling patterns. If I ever get through my current knitting list, there will be lace craziness going on around here. It's a great motivator; I desperately want to cast on the most insane doily I can find, but I can't 'til I get the KAL done, and some Yule gifts.

And speaking of, now that I've done some writing calisthenics (hey! I remember what a sentence is!) I am now off to write the LONG overdue KAL post.


Tesha said...

Hey hun, have a friend out here who was curious how much you sell the yarn you spin and dye for, and I noticed that your etsy shop is closed. Do you have any recommendations on good sellers? I'm not sure if it makes a difference by she's a crocheter not a knitter.

Shoveling Ferret said...

Growing up in Nevada our "stink bugs" stank. No swarming action, just terrible smell when squashed. So of course we used to capture them during recess at school and smuggle them into class for the lulz.

Children can be horrific little creatures, can't they?

Rose Red said...

Hey, happy birthday. Looking forward to the insane lace so I can knit vicariously.

Emily said...

Happy birthday! I'm glad to see you posting; when you disappear I know something's wrong.

A Goober update? I can't imagine how you deal with a kid with your chronic pain issues.

RebKnitz said...

My stink-bug-icide method is to pick them up by a leg or antenna, carry them to the bathroom, and flush them with the top down.

Patty said...

a stinkbug landed in hubbo's ice tea and he sstrated drinking it. He commented it was really bad tasting. Guess so..

Rooie said...

You might want to have an optician check the glasses out. The first time my mom got trifocals she couldn't adjust and couldn't adjust and finally took them back to the shop and it turns out the glass had crystallized in some odd way. Glasses today may be plastic but it could still be the lenses being wonky somehow.