Saturday, May 01, 2010

Still alive.

Yep. Still here. I'm fighting with this new medication and it makes me fall asleep. Though 'fall asleep' isn't quite the right term, it's more like I pass out for hours at a time. So I'm trying to figure out when to take the damn stuff so that I'm passed out at night like a normal person.

That said, there's not a whole lot of anything going on.

Yesterday I made some hair pooftas and a pin for that baby shower I knit the Baby Surprise Jacket for.
Pink poofta
I made two of the smaller peach ones, and put some leaves on the edges to pretend they were flowers.

This was the pin:
It is a gift for the baby's momma. Mommas need presents too, especially when they're eight months pregnant. The momma in question is a subdued dresser, but she likes to wear hats, so I thought this darker flower would look nice on a hat or the lapel of a winter coat. It was the deepest burgundy red I could find, and very similar to the color of her maid of honor's dress at her wedding (I figured she had to like the color if she used it in her wedding). So I hope that pleases her. When building this flower, I found something of a shortcut. Normally people 'build' these one petal at a time: make each petal, then sew each one down individually to a foundation. This time around, I formed the bottom rosette of petals in one go, tacked those down, then added individually made petals on top. Still time-consuming, but it cuts the number of individually made pieces in at least half. Cut at least an hour - probably more - off the construction time. It also saved a lot of tedious knot-tying and finger jabbing.


Today we made a quick day trip over to Ohio to visit. My mother-in-law had knit herself a tunic and then accidentally damaged a spot on it. So I had her knit a patch, and while I was over there visiting, began the job of cutting out the bad spot and grafting in the patch:
There's still some work to do, but the bad chunk's been cut out. I took a photo in mid-cut, so all of you could swoon a bit. This isn't quite like steeking, but it isn't so different, either.


The Goober's been mildly sick (nothing to worry about; more a minor thing we needed to medicate, so it didn't turn into a major thing). This meant most of my awake time this week was spent driving back and forth to the doctor's office or the pharmacy. After we came home from one visit, she ran laps of the living room, singing: obviously she is very gravely ill. (Oddly, this is the same thing she did when she swallowed that stupid penny two years back.)

So, all is well. The house hunt continues (things are looking up, sort of, in that regard). We're finding properties we care enough about to argue over, which I suppose is a good thing. Sort of. Mostly, I feel like this:
Which isn't the worst way in the world to feel, all things considered.

Hopefully real blogging will resume shortly. I've had some requests for information on color knitting, so I'm going to dump it here so you guys can suffer, too.

Happy Beltaine.


Barbara said...

Ah, Beltane, time to light a purifying fire to jump over. If only I wasn't wearing my favorite pants and knitting a sock I'd so be in the backyard snapping kindling and stoking the flames.

Feel better soon. Yeah, my kids were "sick" like that too. You know where they get their energy, don't you? They suck it out of their parents!

Amy Lane said...

Oh boy- sick kids and pooftas! Seriously-- I hope you get your meds synced--it's gonna be summer, and your kid is so much fun in the summer!

Louiz said...

Hope you get the medication timing right, and that the Goober recovers too.

Any chance of a how to on the hair poofta things when you're up to it? They look... interesting.

Donna Lee said...

Little girls look so cute with pooftas in their pontails. My girls didn't like things in their hair and would promptly pull them out. I would optimistically buy them over and over thinking "this time they'll like it". Hah.

I'm feeling kinda sick (I think it's only allergies) and I'd like some of the Goober's energy please.

Roxie said...

Passing out for periods of time isn't so bad as long as you aren't driving or cooking. It beats blinding headaches, nausea-inducing vertigo, or wracking joint pain. Once you get the timing right, you should be golden (unless the house catches on fire. Vision of Goober and the husbeast dragging your snoring corpus outside while Sekhmet sits on your chest and yells into your face.)

The pooftas are charming, and the burgundy pin is stunning!

Alwen said...

I love that deep burgundy one!

Experimental Knitter said...

Feel better soon, you and the Goober.
I would love to learn how to make hair pooftas of the ribbony kind.
Did you ever blog on that?

choperena said...

OMG! I hope you took pictures of the whole surgery process. I have a huge morbid curiosity that extends into knitting.