Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Craft stuff!

I'm building another brooch sort of thing. I think it's a dahlia.
It's a gift for a friend. And as a bribe/gift for the Goober, a reward for good behavior, I let her pick a flower and made it for her, to wear in her hair.
She said she wanted a violet. It sort of is; certainly it's close enough to keep her happy. I'd found a bunch of bug buttons at the craft store and let her choose which one to put on the flower. After fifteen minutes of picking through dragon flies, bees, ladybugs, and butterflies, she went for the only bug with glitter. Sheesh. I could have told her THAT.

I'm about half sorry for the photo quality. Thing is, my new phone makes it SO easy: I can take a photo and have it uploaded to Flickr in, literally, five or six button clicks. No downloading from camera to computer, no tedious uploads back to Blogger, nothin'. Awesome. So y'all are gonna be stuck with more blurry closeups unless it REALLY matters.

And speaking of it mattering, I'll try to document the sweater surgery as I graft in the patch in my mother-in-law's sweater. I'm not sure about tutorials on hair pooftas and stuff. I hope to teach classes on it, and, well. We'll see. I'm still deciding.


In other news. Those glasses we got for the Goob?
They really help with the Wii playing. She spent a couple hours today playing "Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom". It would have been ALL day, but I didn't want her to be the only kid in kindergarten with carpal tunnel. I bribed her away from the TV with cookies.

Motherhood. It's all about bribery. I coulda been a mobster. (But motherhood is more fun, I'll bet.)


Amy Lane said...

I don't know-- mobsters get to break people's kneecaps! Seriously-- purty hair pooftas! I bet you could find a lot of people to take that class!

Roxie said...

Bribes? You mean kids won't be good just because you tell them to?

Love the pooftas! I think I'll wear one of mine today.

Mobsters put their failures in cement . They frown on mothers for doing that. Come to think of it, they frown on mobsters, too.

Emily said...

That's a deep dark dirty secret, about the bribes thing. Every parenting magazine I've ever glanced at in a waiting room says don't do it, but I don't think those people live in the real world.

Ellen said...

My Youngest Daughter -now, 16 - was about five when her older sister's Brownie Troop had a badge meeting about these rare things called "computers" at our house because we had the best internet connections at the time. Five parents with valuable "lap tops" created five work stations teaching about websites, printing things, etc., and using a mouse and groups of girls rotated through.

One parent watched YD show some other girls how to point and click and said, "Wow, that girl has some good mouse skills." Basically, the other parents assumed I let her play computer games all the time.
The thing is, she still has awesome skillz! She works in her dad's office part-time, ferreting out university and college data that the adults can't find.