Saturday, May 22, 2010

Inspected house. A-OK.

We had a good inspector. Great, really. He's a former contractor who would just fix little stuff as he went along; he was fixing a shingle on the roof when we got there. Later on he chased down and fixed a small wiring problem that wasn't major but made his gauges read funny.

Our big worries were, you know, big. Stuff like the roof falling in (though it was re-roofed in 2008). Or the foundation leaking the Nile River in a rain (though we'd have seen signs of that ourselves; I grew up in a house with a leaky basement and know the signs very well). Everything is solid. The only problems that turned up, at all, were minor. A fitting in the gas fireplace leaks in a very minor way when the gas is on. A fitting on a plug is cracked and needs replaced. That's it. We could buy the house as-is and repair those two things ourselves for under twenty bucks after a quick trip to the hardware store. The owner said he'd fix them, though, and I believe it. He's a meticulous kind of guy. Well, heck, there's nothing wrong with the house! What's that tell you about the guy who lives there?

The neighbors on both sides introduced themselves. They all seemed nice. I'm sure they put the word out immediately that they were getting a couple who seemed cool, and had a little girl. There are some other little kids up the street and a horde of teenagers roaming around. They seem like the fun kind of teenagers, so that's good.

Otherwise, I am worn totally out from a day of wrestling the Goober. She was horrifically awful during the inspection (though when I apologized that we don't really know anyone for casual babysitting in the area, I got a line on a neighbor who does THAT, so that's cool). Then the in-laws came for the afternoon, mostly to see the new house, and the Goober worked them so as human shields to keep her out of trouble. She doesn't know it yet, but she'll be lucky to see cartoons before Wednesday. If then.

So, I'm gonna keel over. Maybe if I get really motivated I'll knit a little. It's more likely I'll play Plants Vs. Zombies and make smart remarks on Twitter. But I swore I'd get better about this blogging thing, so here we go. Me getting better.

Tomorrow I might even report on what I've been making. There's a thought. Discussing knitting on a knitting blog. I'm real edgy and creative like that.

Ugh. What a day.


Alwen said...

It's amazing how horrible a kid can be when you're wrestling with grown-up stuff. I remember the day we tried to buy the DH's current car, whew. My sympathies.

And wo0t for house! Soon!

Anonymous said...

yay! You have a house!!

And hugs on Goob being a kid. It's hard to do boring stuff like that.

We want pics!!!


Louiz said...

Glad the inspection was good, and the neighbours seem good. Nothing like bad neighbours to make a perfect house not so.

Looking forwards to seeing what you're up to, knittingwise.

Roxie said...

Nice, friendly neighbors? An inspector who actually fixes things? A solid house for an acceptable price in a convenient neighborhood? The Goober HAD to go on a tear to balance all this incredible good luck and felicity, or the scales would have tipped over into sinkhole in the back yard or feral pitbulls in the woods or something. She was just doing her part to insure domestic felicity.

Ruby Louise said...

Congrats on the house!! I agree with Roxie on her analysis of Goob's behavior. She was just trying to keep the universe in balance. (Somehow I don't think that's much consolation and it probably won't help Goob get cartoons any faster.)

Emily said...

Pictures! Of the house! And of the Goob, of course. Maybe of the Goob pointing out house features.

Of course she was awful; it's in her job description. And of course you feel wiped out. (Been there, hoo boy. Mostly exhaustion from not committing kidicide.)

And more knitting details, natch. When you get a moment...

Amy Lane said...

Oh crap... summer's coming... I have to remember my Twitter password!

And DUDE--I'm so excited for you! (What Alwen said about the Goober--they can just be EXHAUSTING.) But the house! It's awesome! It's ON! Very cool!

Robin said...

YEAH! So glad you finally have a nest to feather! Come on JULY!