Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Goober post.

Everyone wants to know what the Goober's been doing. Mostly, growing. And eating. And eating some more. This is her combining the two, having lunch a week or so ago:

Last week, we went to the children's museum down town. It was pretty cool. She made paper:

She enjoyed it so much I got a book (of course I got a book) on paper making, and we will get wild and crazy once we're in the house and have room to really make a mess. The laundry room has a drain in the floor. Very handy.

And did a virtual puppet show thing that was neat. Computer controlled marionettes, basically:

And stuck her face into this wall of pegs that left her impression:

This was a huge hit with everyone. Parents all around cheered and laughed and agreed that the glasses made the whole thing super-hilarious. (Which it did.)

The favorite of the day was a sort of do-it-yourself music box:

You'd place wooden balls in the little colored holes, then crank it. The balls would fall onto tuned bars and play a song. You can see that the Goober is blurry; she was busy playing and wouldn't hold still.

This is my artsy-fartsy photo of the rotunda.

Not bad for a cell phone picture.


Other than the trip to the museum, it's been pretty slow. We got her a fast-food meal a while back and it had an Iron Man necklace in it that lights up.

She immediately turned it on (she loves little switches and levers) and wore it, and we declared her Iron Baby.

Aaaand, when things are slow, she tries her hand at a little architectural engineering:

So, as you see, the Goober is alive and well. She's very excited about moving into the new house and starting school. (There is some issue about her age and starting Kindergarten. If it becomes a Big Issue, there will be rantings around here like you've not seen in quite a while.)

That's about it. The Goober's best statement lately was "Sekhmet doesn't act right because she has a cuckoo kitty brain." Followed up by "Sekhmet doesn't have any manners." Right you are, kid.


Bells said...

I just love watching her grow up so much. Remember the old days when you used to post pictures of her waking up excited in her cot?

Louiz said...

She's such a smart kid! Making paper is very cool, what book did you get?

Alwen said...

When I was a kid, I remember the great-aunts at our family reunion repeating, "You've grown so much! How did you get so big?"

Now, now I've turned into one of them. How did she get so big?

choperena said...

Is she "too young"? She's adorable! I approve of her fort-making abilities.

And the music box, OMG!!!! That looks so awesome!

Emily said...

And! I see the HAIR POOFTA! Boy, she's getting prettier by the minute.

PICAdrienne said...

She is such a cutie. As for school, 1, you know your child, I do not, but as our wise pediatrician said, when I talked to her about starting oldest child at almost 5, 'They are only little once, and you can't take them out of school once you start them.' That being said, for Jessica it worked out, and turns out, even with a November birthday, she was not one of the older students in her class. Child 2 has a July birthday, and has always been one of the youngest, and has THRIVED in school. Your child, you do know what is best.

My kids made paper at a street fair one time, where they used a blender and water to grind the ingredients and then it was poured onto a screen similar to a window screen for drying. It was pretty cool paper.

Catie said...

Excellent Goober update

Barbara said...

She's no longer a baby, dang it, she's a kid.

I highly recommend getting a dedicated blender (rummage sale?) to make paper in. Ask me how I know... I want to play with the music maker and the marionettes. I think children's museums should be for me too. I don't wanna grow up too much, except I want to still drive and grownup stuff like that.

NeedleTart said...

The Husband wants to know if a cuckoo bird some out of Sekhmet's mouth every hour and tweets. (Be glad we live far, far away).

Amy Lane said...

*sniff* Kindergarten... omg... I remember when she was THE BABY.... (But she's still cure!)

Galad said...

Thank you so much for the pictures and the virtual trip to the museum. One of the reasons I love having a grandchild is to do all the fun experiences again :-)

Kris / PirateFoxy on ravelry said...

How old is she? I started kindergarten when I was 4 in the Pittsburgh area, although I had to go to a private school to do it and they insisted on some kind of psychological test to prove I was socially ready. (That was a couple decades ago now, of course, but I don't think it was a bad thing for me to do. The other option was basically repeating the same year of preschool again, and even at that age I'm pretty sure I would've ended up stabbing myself in the eye or something out of sheer boredom.)

Anyway, if you're interested, I can ask my folks about their take on things, too - if they'd do the same again.

(One thing I did like about it was that it meant when I finished high school I could take a year off to do other things as opposed to just go right to college, and still be the 'right' age. I did a bunch of volunteer work and it was pretty rewarding and taught me a lot about myself and what I liked to do.)