Sunday, May 09, 2010

Starting to stress.

Okay, fine, I'm turning it into an art form.

Last night I had a dream that there was a huge black mark on my credit report from stealing a girl's earrings in grade school (??!!??) and I would never, ever be able to get a home mortgage as long as I lived.

Yeah. Me? Stressed? Ha. I'd be better off worrying about how I defaulted on my student loan. Even though I went back later and paid it in full. Oh, wait. I am obsessing about that. Never mind.

So what's a girl to do? Zombie knitting, that's what. (I swear the term Zombie Knitting goes back FAR longer than the current zombie obsession in this house. It's my term for easy stockinette or garter stitch projects. Don't believe me? Read this. Particularly tip number four.) Today I did a Mother's Day trip to the yarn store and picked up two Crazy Zauberballs in color scheme, uh, navy-cream-forest green. I'm going to use it to knit a prototype wrap for that line of patterns I mentioned ages ago. Remember, the ones designed to use up all the yarn possible? I decided on the name "Every Little Bit" for the patterns. This one is meant to be swatchless and one-size fits all. If this prototype works, I'll offer it for free. Some of the more complicated things I have in mind, I'll charge for. But this one? Free.
I'm this far, and looking forward to some mindless knitting. I know, I know, I've got that bag to knit. Don't remind me, hmmm?


Sekhmet's latest thing is to crawl up on me in the evenings and smoosh between the arm of the chair and my leg.
Snausage cat
The other night she fell so deeply asleep she slithered off the chair onto the floor. And that's why I let this cat live: She makes me laugh.


After the last net book fiasco I decided perhaps doing some kind of crash-and-kick protection for the new one was a good idea. So I got this.
Netbook skin
It's a 'skin' from Eccessories. Sticks right on, and is lightly padded for when I bump it into things, roaming around the house. (And hopefully when I take it and go back to school.)

Otherwise, more of the same: Try and get some spinning, knitting, and flower-building done, while stressing out so hard my eyes jitter. Oh, the fun.

Gonna knit. ::twitch::


Anonymous said...

Sending good mortgage thoughts your way. The knitting always seems to take care of itself. I look forward to seeing more completed projects.

Louiz said...

Good luck with the credit rating - I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the zauber balls.

Roxie said...

The more you stress, the better things will go, right? Because it's all under your control, ultimatesly Right? Right?

I love the cat's neatly tucked up little feeties. She deserves to live.

judy said...

I recently broke my arm and dislocated my shoulder while away from home. A friend took care of me and she had a triangular shawl that was rather u shaped on the long end so that it lay very nicely on my shoulders. It was a purchased one so no pattern but I yearn for such a shawl for my own. The ease of use when one couldn't move one's arm and the comfort of it on a broken shoulder. So how was it done? Short rows?

Donna Lee said...

I think that was the most stressful time of all. Qualifying for the mortgage. And now in 6 years, we will have paid it off. I can't wait.
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

How long ago did you default on your loan? After a certain amount of time, it's just a blip on the radar instead of a glaring black mark.

This is how it works in MO and why we won't qualify for a mortgage loan till July. heh.

Alwen said...

Apparently my DH thinks I'm not stressing enough, because he emailed from AT to ask what I would think if he quit his job.

eyeball jitter

AntiKathy said...

Hah! Sekhmet, you fucker! (sorry, every time I see her pic I hear your imaginary voice saying that) Our dog does the same thing with her own bed. We call it 'The Ooze'. She'll slowly ooze herself out of the bed (on the floor) and onto the floor itself, but we never see her changing position to get that way.

**sending good mortage mojo**

Emily said...

Oh, that cat. Mine takes the exact same position, tucked with his face up against my pillow, hind legs on my chest...

There's no reasoning with the kind of dread you describe, alas...zombie knitting sounds like a great solution. Except it sounds as though it'll be far from actual zombie knitting! (I dream constantly that I'm back in school facing an exam in a class I have never once attended.Pure terror.)

Robin said...

Every Little Bit --- cool name!

NeedleTart said...

Rivkah73Maybe Mercury is in retrograde again (does it ever go foreward?). A few nights ago I dremt I was giving my self a piano lesson and boy, was I unprepared. The Teacher was not happy with my playing. Paging Dr. Freud!

Amy Lane said...

OMG-- that cat looks SO comfortable! And I'm really hoping you and the house work out... it's nice to be settled... and you SO want to go back to school!!!! (Although, you've already got an unofficial master's degree in EVERYTHING... just sayin'...)