Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It's Geek Pride Day!

And I'm proud. It's taken me decades to make peace with my geeky nature. Or rather, to quit thinking I needed to be 'normal', and to really finally accept that the whole 'normal' concept is, in fact, kinda... dare I say it... weird.

So here are five geeky things I have done. Feel free to add your own in the comments.

-While out house shopping, I noticed a whole region named "Ligonier". Wondering where in hell that name came from, I got on my BlackBerry and looked it up on Wikipedia. The area takes its name from Fort Ligonier, a British fort that was named after some British dude. Not only was I curious enough to look it up, I could connect to the internet from my phone. And I remember the information later.

-My kid demands "Science Channel!" to watch instead of cartoons. Sure, that means SHE is a geek, but how'd she learn the Science Channel is cool in the first place? From her folks, of course. (And I suppose wondering if geek is a genetically inherited trait is geeky, too.)

-As a young kid I took apart the bathroom sink to figure out how it worked. Unfortunately I hadn't thought to turn of the water to the spigot first... I remember my mother shouting and wailing "But I just wanted to know how it WORKS!" When my dad put it back together again, he let me help so I could figure out how it worked, and not do it again.

-I've nearly given up on getting a degree, but I keep returning to the idea of taking college courses for fun and/or to just learn stuff I wanna know.

-I'm of the opinion that EVERY subject is interesting, if it's presented properly. In fact, I don't think there are a lot of different subjects. I think there's one really BIG subject, and everything's part of it. Taking classes got much easier for me after I realized my brain worked that way.

YAY, GEEKS! What's the proper meal to celebrate? Pizza and Jolt cola?


Sarah said...

I dont think I am as geeky as you are but I think I can still qualify. We were excited when our cable got National Geographic Wild this last week or so, the kids love it!

Do you have your towel today?

Anita said...

Hey - you are so right, there's only one big subject, that's exactly what I think. And you're also right, everything is interesting if presented properly. I think I could have been absolutely fascinated by maths/science at school age if it were taught well. I am fascinated now, but have a whole lot of catching up to do.
Degrees are overrated (I have plenty) - universities (here in Australia at least) teach you how to think like everyone else, not for yourself. I would not be at all unhappy if my kids didn't go to university if they didn't want to.
Happy Geeks Day!

Deb said...

There's a nice yarn store in Ligonier. The owner is Kathy Zimmerman. It's a really nice store, if you go visit.

PICAdrienne said...

Mountain Dew is the soda of choice for the vast majority of Geeks I have worked with in my lifetime. I used to work at a company that did not have a company picnic, we actually had a Geeknic, and awards were given. Yes, I have one, have given a few, and designed and made two of the top awards.

Oh, and did Goober see the Duct Tape part 2 episode of Mythbusters? I thought it was fairly entertaining, and thought about her.

JelliDonut said...

Geek runs in my family. One of my sisters could take out a car radio when she was four. She also liked to take door knobs off and trap you inside a room. I always preferred books over toys. When she was four, my DD dumped a glass of water on a TV while it was on--really screws up the volume. She did it because she wanted to see what would happen. Long live geeks!

Yeah, I keep going back to school and one of these days, I'll finish. Don't give up!

Roxie said...

So when do we make the movie of "My Big Fat Geek Wedding?"

=Tamar said...

I think it's called being a generalist. There used to be a testing program to get college credit for Life Experience - things you already know and don't need to take a course for.

Louiz said...

Everything is connected to everything else, if you look hard enough.

My geekiest moments? Possibly age 10 when I took the gas oven to bits to find out how it worked. It could have been when I took my dad's alarm clock to bits to find out how it worked though. I'm a fan of deconstructive investigation though.

I had my towel with me all day yesterday. Much to many people's bemusement.

Bob & Phyllis said...

Louiz, everything IS related to everything. :)

SK, I'm not nearly as geeky as you. I tend to be esoteric rather than geeky. It took a while to find as I grew up southern with a mother who believed that lockstep with Society (TM) was the only way to be.

And for what it's worth, NORMAL is a setting on your washer. It has nothing to do with life.

Georgi said...

You must have had a pretty cool dad, when he did not yell but let you help with the sink.

Emily said...

Oh, well. I'm a musician; that makes me so weird that I'm beyond geekiness...plus I'm from a family of alcoholics who were much admired in the community, so I learned to try to appear to conform...and failed utterly. I don't take things apart; I assume they will die in my hands automatically. But I do bow in awe before geekiness.

Alwen said...

I clearly remember a spanking I got when I was around 4, for tearing apart a fan of iris leaves. I was trying to find out where they came from. And hey look, I majored in horticulture!

Katie said...

I agree completely with your last point. I finally realised that I was interested in EVERYthing when I sat down and really enjoyed a doco on car manufacturing. Also, I secretly refer to my baby nephew as "TNG". His parents don't know.
Geeks unite!
P.S. has anyone told you you're a really hoopy frood?

Terby said...

You're geeky enough to hang with me, which makes you pretty darn geeky.

After all, I play a scientist in real life, and that's pretty geeky. :P

Miss ya.

Amy Lane said...

OMG-- I'M ONE OF YOU! Okay... didn't come out right... but the one big subject thing? I"m with you! I don't get all of it (because I'm really not that bright) but I think it can all be interesting!

Galad said...

I am a proud geek, as are my children and grandson. We can already tell at age 1 that he will soon be dismantling things to see how they work!

There are so many interesting things to learn, why limit yourself to a degree unless you really need the credential for something. I love how wide ranging your interests are.

DONNA said...

After reading your for a few years, I think your education is broader than one you would get with a degree.