Sunday, May 23, 2010


Mostly of what I've been doing, but I'll put up what I've got of the house, too. They're bad photos; I'll explain when I get there.

A lot of the fiber stuff is sorta inter-related. I finished up a couple spinning projects, namely the super-coil yarn and the next-to-next-to-last skein of the orange-to-pink color shift experiment I started like fifty years ago. (Okay, maybe six months ago; it seems like fifty years.)

I confess I threw out half a bobbin of that pastel stuff I made the supercoil yarn with. I was sick of looking at it.

Finishing up those spinning projects then freed up all the bobbins I need to spin up this:

This is the start of the gear yarn. One ply of this with a ply of copper thread and black crochet cotton containing gears as beads. I'm going for three skeins; two with gears and one without.

The orange-to-pink stuff will be used to knit another one of these:

This is a square wrap sort of thing that I'm knitting for the "Every Little Bit" pattern line. Right now I'm using two Zauberballs on size ones. The orange-to-pink is about DK weight, and I'll knit it on size eights or nines. If it works with both yarns (it SHOULD), it will absolutely be a pattern for any yarn. I know I should be finishing that bag I'm supposed to be knitting, but I need low-stress stockinette nothin' to work on, not two-stranded umpty-color crazy.

When I get twitchy from stress (more twitchy?) I make stitch markers just to do something.

I've made about fifty. Those beads on the left were bought with the wire wrap already on; I'm not doing wire wraps as well.


So, photos of the house. I've only got a few, that were taken with my phone. When we did the house inspection yesterday, the current owners were there. They don't want to sell their house, and I was trying to be polite and not run around snapping photos and gloating over scoring an awesome house that they love and don't want to sell. (I can be tactful when I want to.) So, lousy photos from the phone:

The kitchen and dining room are an open space with a skylight, that have been painted a perfect, sunny yellow that doesn't look like liver disease and doesn't make you reach for sunglasses.

And this is what will become my lair, once I paint the walls, carpet the floor, and put in a shitload of bookshelves:

We're not sure what's going and what's staying in the lair, but it's all good, no matter how it works out. There's plenty of space in there for me to be dyeing fiber and stocking stuff for the shop and shelving books and all kinds of good stuff.


It has come to my attention that there is a new Vogue Knitting out. I am keeping an eye out, to buy a copy for another review. I'm feeling better than I was for the last review, so I'm hoping it'll be more entertaining. I'll do what I can. Jump up and down and giggle with glee, or mutter "oh dear god", as you see fit.


Clea said...

Gears as beads? Really? Sounds great - I can't wait to see pictures. Any thoughts of what you'll do with the yarn? I'm new to the blog so if you've already talked about it I've missed it. I'll checking in though. Hope to see the gear yarn.

Alwen said...

It's so hard to find a good yellow, that's for sure.

The Kenneth Oppel books I'm reading mention an "Amelia Gearhart" in passing. Ha!

Terby said...

Those two rooms look really promising. Can't wait to get another tour...

JelliDonut said...

I am already jealous of your lair.

Donna Lee said...

The coiled yarn looks manageable. A lot of the ones I've seen in photos look like the coils are so big that you wouldn't be able to use it for much. The gears will work really well with coils that size. And the color for the gears is so right.

Your new kitchen looks like the kind of place you'll love. People will have room to gather and talk and cook and eat all at the same time. Fingers crossed here that all goes well.

Roxie said...

Love the kitchen/dining area. Definitely the heart of the house.

Love the yarns. Too bad you threw away the pastel stuff. I would have paid for it.

The lair looks ideal for you. What color are you painting the walls? And where, pray tell, can you squeeze in book cases?

Roz said...

Wait. Why is the couple selling -- and why was the couple there for the inspection? I thought you were supposed to vamoose while the new owners checked out the place. There's a real story there.

Anyway. Forget the gears -- just spin that wool and I'll buy some! Purty colors...

Anonymous said...

I am with Roz, why are they selling if they don't want to?

are you going to sell the stich markers too?

They are nice.


Emily said...

Yes, those owners? I'm curious too. Sounds like a sad story of some sort.

I just can't imagine gears as beads. I imagine them catching on everything as you knit, not to mention being scratchy & catching on stuff later. But then I am not known for much of an imagination. I am dying to find out how that will work!

Amy Lane said...

*jumping up and down* IT'S BEYOOTIFUL... mostly because it's gonna be yours, and I cannot wait to see what adventures you'll have! (Oh dear god, I'm jumping up and down with glee!)