Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Still sick here, thanks.

I think the Goob's doing much better. No fever this morning, mild coughing, and the runny nose is managed easily enough with nose-blowing. Me, on the other hand... I caught this from her, so I'm about a day behind on the sick thing. And the head congestion is turning into a sinus infection, which is actually semi-normal for me and I'm used to it, so I guess it's all okay. Last night I described this as 'one of those colds that's more annoying than a real problem'.

The Goob remains fascinated by Kleenex. (Click the link for some really cute photos of the Goob at one, discovering the pop-up magic of a box of Kleenex.)

A couple days ago, while the husbeast was home, I took a nap. At one point, the Goob barged in and said "MUMMA, ARE YOU SLEEPING?" I said "Yes." (Irony is lost on the kid.) She came over, patted my blanket (I assume to tuck me in), sang "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" (I do that for her at nap time and bed time), patted me again, said "Have a nice sleep." and stomped back out, slamming the door. Aw. For that, she can wake me up.


I didn't catch much of yesterday's inauguration, and I confess, my favorite part was Bush getting booed by the crowd, and the crowd singing a "Goodbye" line from an old song. Most commentators said it was in bad taste, but I'm kind of disappointed no one threw shoes. For once, it looked like the disapproval was actually getting through Bush's thick skull and it was bothering him. So I think I caught the best part.


With the sweater for my father-in-law done, I'm down to just the lace scarf. Frankly, with my head full of snot, I can't really concentrate well enough to knit on it. So I've been looking around for something else as a secondary project. Weirdly enough, there's nothing in my stash that's as heavy as the handspun I was going to knit up for the Goob, so that project is, for now, on the back burner. I've considered several other options, and I think I may be doing a Stealth Project (a fast one, with stuff out of the stash), and then finishing the Russian Prime.

I still wanna get all this stuff done by mid-February, so I can toddle off to Florida with nothing but some 0000 needles, a lace pattern in German, and some tatting thread.

Right then. I'm going to go lay down now. We need to invent a sinus god or goddess to pray to about head colds and sinus infections.


Emily said...

Oh. Oh. Oh. Such a sweet Goober story.My heart melted.

Donna Lee said...

For that, she can wake ME up too. I hope the sinus god (a goddess would never invent such a thing as a sinus) is good to you and the infection clears up.

Anonymous said...

Those old pics of the Goob are cute.


LOL my word is worst. LOL

Catie said...

I have a question about tiny needles - I knit loose and thus need small needles more often than the average bear. I bought some addi ones (I think, I'm at "work" so I can't check) but they are metal and seem heavy. I'd like to try another brand but it is hard to find a company that sells 00, 000, and 0000 needles. Ideally I'd like some 00 in bamboo but given the diameter I'm not sure I'll find them. Do you have any recommendations for tiny needle brands and where to get them?

Alwen said...

I thought it was so weird that no one was allowed to dissent or boo him to his face during his reign. And it was really weird to hear the phrase "peaceful transfer of power" in my own country. I mean, Cheney wasn't armed yesterday.

Kids. They're keepers. Like when I woke up from sleeping off a migraine with my head surrounded by various Beanie babies.

Mandy said...

Catie - I've heard that Addi needles are slicker than most, so you might just need to find a different brand. At least, that's always been their selling point, that you can knit faster with them because they are "faster" needles. That certainly says slippier to me.

Puck said...

I, for some reason, suck at the whole knitting lace doilies. I'm fantastic at knitting and can do just about everything...but doilies are so beyond me. I can, however, crochet doilies.

Very odd. I want to learn, though. Guess I ought to get some patterns and not get frustrated :/

Amy Lane said...

Awwwww.... what a lovely Goober story... (and you're lucky--you missed a boring inaugeral poem that was actually done better by The Call in the 80s.)