Monday, January 19, 2009

Martin Luther King. And some boogers.

I had some great post planned for today, for Martin Luther King day. He was a cool guy here in the US. Galvanized the human rights movements in the sixties, said a lot of good things about peaceful protest, doing the right thing, and believing in goodness.

Some asshole shot him for it.

Anyway, this year, I think the timing is great, because today we remember the man who really made civil rights happen in this country (such as they are), and tomorrow we inaugurate our first non-white-old-man, possibly not robber baron jackass, as president.

It's a nice circle.


Otherwise the Goober got sick - full of snot and coughing sick, not hospital sick -- and I caught it. It's clogging my ears, so I've got vertigo and can't hear anything. And the Goob's full of snot and staggering around. So we've laid around all day watching the PowerPuff Girls marathon and now the Goob wants to be a superhero when she grows up.

I meant to knit all day. Haven't done a stitch.

Heavy sigh.


Amy Lane said...

Go Powerpuff girls! We're watching it too! (Wow-- I've not heard that opinion of Obama yet... am dying for details, mostly because I only get my political information from people who can shock me with laughter like that.)

Galad said...

Hope you and the Goob feel better soon and are snot free.

Leonie said...

Best wishes for a decent Presidency and a speedy recovery from the dreaded snots.

Emily said...

Oh! Oh! You & the Gorgeous Goob are sick! This is Not Authorized.

Good description of Obama...poor guy has impossible hype to live up to (which he can't possibly, being human) and a nightmare of a job.

I was in school during the civil rights struggle; I knew people who risked their lives to go down south for voter registration & felt guilty because I didn't go. (Musicians have to PRACTICE. Pretty much keeps us out of people's hair.) The changes I've seen in my lifetime are amazing.

However Obama does as president, his election is certainly something to celebrate.

Donna Lee said...

I feel sorry for Obama because of the heavy weight of expectations on him. I hope he's strong enough.....I think he's a good man and he'll try hard. But, he is a man.

sorry about the snot thing. I hate that vertigo feeling.

Mandy said...

There's worse things to want to be when you grow up than a superhero. I say go for it, Goob! The world needs more superheros.

My sister and two of her kids went to DC for the inauguration. I'm torn between jealousy that they are there to see history up close and personal, and the realization that they won't be all that up close and personal and that I'll probably have a better view from my TV set. Plus I won't have to freeze.

Roxie said...

Sometimes you feel life is too miserable to bear, but it's snot. (Sorry. I just couldn't help myself.) Can you do Vicks Vapor Rub on the chest and throat?

I have this urge to say something profound about the inaguration, but profound is not my metier. I think you have nailed the truth quite neatly.

Oh, what are her super powers?