Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Stupid germ.

I just can't find anything much to say. My wit is swamped in a puddle of lung snot. And that's probably enough on that subject.

I finished another repeat of the Faux Russian Scarf. That makes eight of eleven. Ticking right along. Incidentally, the reason it's Faux Russian is, it uses the construction methods of Orenburg lace, but not the materials or motifs. If I think of it, I'll take a photo when it's blocking - that's when it's easiest to see the structure - and draw on it and make some comments. The way they put edges on Orenburg lace is totally unique and kind of cool. And more painless than some other methods.

After knitting, I dug in and found the floor of my office and cleaned up significantly. I gave myself two days for this job; this is day one and I'm over half done, so yay.

Then I warped my loom to celebrate. It's warped for a skinny scarf, with only thirty-two ends. This is the first time I've ever warped a loom (the husbeast calls it rigging, which is a sailing term, which just figures). It took me three and a half hours, not counting the half hour I spent the other day winding off the warp. I assume as I get better at it the job will go faster. If that is not true, please don't tell me. (The previous project on the loom was a victim of the carpet beetles and I had to cut it off and throw it out. I will say nothing further, other than 'grrrrr' and 'arson'. And, uh, 'fuck'.)

While I was warping, the Goob and the husbeast watched cartoons together.

See the book? I gave it to her yesterday (it's one of the hated 'that's not my...' series). This morning I found it in her bed, meaning at some point last night she got up, got it, and took it back to bed with her. As a bookish sort myself, this pleases me immensely.

Now if you'll excuse me, there's this freshly warped loom, calling my name.


Leonie said...

It must be dinosaur season, I've just started making a felt (shop felt...sorry!) one for Z today! Good luck with the snot destruction.

Mandy said...

I often find piles of books at the foot of my son's bed in the morning, meaning he decided to read by the light of the fishtank instead of going to sleep. I'm glad he likes to read, but I would be more amused if he were less cranky when he doesn't get enough sleep!

Donna Lee said...

I loved to read in bed, stil do although I fall asleep quicker these days.

Alwen said...

I had to dislodge the child from the new Artemis Fowl last night at *my* bedtime.

I can't wait to see the blocked scarf.

Verification is "humba", which cracks me up!

Galad said...

I love seeing a child with a well loved book. There were only a few of my kid's favorites I could have "disappeared" as they were so boring to read aloud (anything He-Man comes to mind)

Roxie said...

May you soon live in a snot-free zone.

Sounds like the Goob is ripe to learn to read. CAN one learn too early

Happy weaving! Be gentle with your shoulders and wrists. And good luck with the office clean-out.

Amy Lane said...

Awww... the book thing is so cool... my kids are getting more attached to their books--and dinosaurs really ARE in season:-)

I can't EVER be alone. I'm jealous--I can't go to the bathroom, and reading a book anywhere but at the computer is right out.