Sunday, January 25, 2009

Three days.

That's how long I've been asleep. Or it seems like it. Really, I've slept about fourteen hours a day and watched Stargate and knit for the other ten. I've got thirty unread e-mails and 257 unread blog posts. The Goob... well, it took fifteen minutes to comb her hair today and another half an hour to scrape off the dirt in the bathtub.

My head and lungs are still full of snot, but I'm feeling a bit better and hope to resume normal blogging tomorrow. With photos. The Faux Russian Scarf is half done. Almost.

The in-laws arrive Thursday. I hope to find my office before then so they have somewhere to stay.


Nancy said...

Does Johnson and Johnson still sell the detangler in the pump bottle? It used to be in the baby shampoo and lotion aisle. I've used it periodically and it's been a godsend. Have you tried it on the Goob???

Emily said...

So that's what happened to you. I was worried. Sucks to be sick.

Yes, detangler for the Goob, but I'll bet you already use it. My solution, which I bet you won't like: a haircut. I was a very Practical Mom; if the kid had to have long hair, it was braided or otherwise seriously controlled, because, oh, those screams when untangling the knots at the nape of the neck! Now I watch my poor granddaughter, who's the same age as the Goob, with long curly hair, and a mom who likes leaving it loose. Argh!

Amy Lane said...

I was wondering where you've been-- I'm glad you're feeling better! (When you have more than one, you can't go under like that--they'll kill each other!!!)

Roxie said...

Sleep is the best thing for you. If you hadn't needed it, it wouldn't have happened. Anyhow, as mucous-impaired as you were, there probably wasn't enough oxygen getting through for anything more vigorous than sleep.

Alwen said...

We have hard water. I use the Fantastik orange degreaser to clean the bathtub!