Saturday, January 03, 2009

Saw;oifj ;aow ;wejfkdsl?

...yeah. The holidays finally caught up with me, and I've been asleep for the best part of two days. (And intend to spend most of tomorrow asleep too, with luck.) So for now, I'm alive, well, and have some info to share, either in response to comments or just in general. In no particular order.

-The Goob is still telling horrible knock-knock jokes. The one I just heard:
GOOB: Knock knock.
ME: [No answer.]
GOOB: [Whispering.] You're supposed to say who's there.
ME, giving up: Who's there?
GOOB: Mumma.
ME: Mumma who?
GOOB: Mumma slipped on a banana peel. Hahahaha! Get it?

-The Navy will pay for this coming move, and send us pretty much anywhere we want to go, within reason (pretty sure Mars is out). Every move I've done with the military has been paid for. It has sucked anyway. I'm territorial and hate having strangers in my house and messing with my stuff, so it's just a bad scene.

-I really am working on the yearly theme (usually I do some yearly goal - knit from my stash, knit for me, whatever; last year I didn't do one because I was really fucked up this time last year). Of course I've already blown the whole resolution/goal aspect, so that takes the pressure off.

-A friend sent me this video the other day. As a once and future dirt-bike rider, the jump UP wasn't that big a deal. (Really. With today's precision building for ramps, and modern bikes, it's just a matter of physics, like firing a crazy artillery shell.) With about three quarts of Valium, a hefty dose of death wish, and some practice, anyone could probably do it. The jump DOWN, on the other hand, was the height of insanity.

--My father-in-law refused to get an iPod and instead got some unholy hybrid MP3 player and radio. We rag on him about being stuck in the nineteenth century. He shoots the finger at us.

--The pitcher in the lemonade photo from the past week is Fiestaware; it's a fairly famous design, called a disk pitcher. (They have large and small sizes now. Who knew? I've got the large.) The color I don't remember the name of, and they're constantly changing what colors they offer, so it may not be available. Though I'm reasonably sure SOME shade of yellow is for sale. (Or you can hit Replacements and order discontinued colors at markup, although at the moment all they have in stock is glassware.) You may also luck out and find one at a garage sale; they've been making Fiestaware since 1936. Oh, and for Christmas the in-laws gave me a place setting in tangerine, a sugar-cream set in cobalt blue, and a butter dish in red. (I like to jumble colors together, and not just when I'm knitting.)

-Girl Genius has been cracking me up this past couple weeks, mostly the courtship; luring her in with offers of tools, and talking about gear ratios and asking her to fix stuff. It's like my house in reverse.

-While I'm on about sci-fi/fantasy, what in HELL was up with Stargate last night?? CSI Atlantis?

Anyway, that's enough of a brain dump, I think. The Goob's about to go to bed, and then I'm going to go knit on the project I shouldn't have started. (It's for my friend who was supposed to get the bag/cat bed back in September. It really needs done. But it's blowing the year's goals. Already.)


Amy Lane said...

*snicker* Luv the Goob's knock knock joke... (I already told you my knock-knock joke story, I think! Let's just say that Big T hasn't made any better ones!)

I still think we should try 'second-hand-sock'... but that's just me... because I'm insane like that...

And dude, if I could wiggle my nose and set you plop down in the house of your choice, believe me, you'd be there...(and we might have moved in the last 10 years as well...)

Anonymous said...

Hi. Usually a lurker... I just had to comment on the Goob's knock knock joke telling. My daughter used to do that too. Her's were a bit more abstract and made no sense whatsoever! After the knock knock jokes came the pad of paper and the "I'll take your order now." She was 2 and a half. (Pretending she was a waitress in a diner. Guess I didn't cook enough back then.) Your daughter and her antics (creativity, fun and smarts) remind me so much of my daughter at that age. I feel a deep motherly obligation to warn you that my daughter (who is now 13) was tested in kindergarten (by our public school system not by her parents) and found to have an IQ that was categorized by the gifted and talented phd person as "extraordinary" I never bothered to ask for the number. Didn't really care. Besides being unbelievably smart (I realize I'm her mother and sound all braggy...but when your first grader is way smarter than you and you have a college education it really can be annoying and not something to brag about!!) my daughter is an "out of the box" thinker who (behind her back of course) my husband and I have renamed the Space Alien because she definitely is of a different planet than Earth. Good luck with the Goob. I sense that she will absolutely blow your mind on a daily basis with her brilliance!!


Jake said...

about stargate atlantis, without spoiling too much the entire point of episode 19 was a lame set up for the season/series finale next week.
I saw pre-air versions of both episodes a couple weeks ago, and think they shouldn't have wasted episode 19 and just hand waved the set up for 20 so they could spend both episodes fleshing out the finale instead of rushing it like they did.

Mandy said...

It sounds like the theme for this year is blowing goals! I'd take that, as one I could certainly accomplish!

Near us, Macy's sells a lot of Fiestaware, although I can't say I've seen that pitcher (but I haven't been looking at pitchers lately.).

I don't envy you having to move so much - I hate my house (I mean, absolutely LOATHE my house. The only things that could make this house liveable would be a can or two of gasoline and a match, or a bulldozer kind of hate my house) and I still shudder at the thought of having to pack up my stuff and move it. Not that I will be anytime soon, but still...You're a braver woman than I am!

Alwen said...

"Move" is a four-letter word.

My husband read Girl Genius for Monday 29 Dec. and said, "Hey, look, it's you!" Especially breathing "It needs to be repaired" into her ear.

Jilly Bean said...

Military moves always seemed even more stressful to me than "throw all your stuff in a Uhaul and hoped that you packed it okay" moves. We had one move where of the 5 boxes that were marked "kitchen", 3 had nothing that went in the kitchen. The movers also once tried to pack our trash can....while the trash bag was still inside it.