Friday, June 24, 2011

Checking in.

I've had a deep, lurking headache/migraine thing going on this week. Mostly I've been on the couch, snarling at the world. Which, you know, not the greatest blog fodder. Grrr, argh, blach.

Sleeve post coming, soon.

Today, the husbeast, the Goober, and I went out into the front yard and cemented our reputation in the neighborhood.
Word went out, I'm sure, about what hell-raising brawlers we are.
Our poor neighbors. Heeheehe.

So, the headache-migraine thing has finally backed off, and with luck I'll be around more.

Sleeves, and a blog post about coloring outside the lines. Soon.


Amy Lane said...

Lovely. A simply lovely day:)

scienceprincess said...

You wild and crazy people, you :-)

I'm always impressed when kites actually fly. I do not have that talent.

Bells said...

awww you hell raisers you. Adorable.

Donna Lee said...

We were/are the kite flyers/bubble blowers in our neighborhood. Everyone knew who my kids were.

I'm glad the headache has eased up. I am starting to get migraines with my period (getting older is not for sissies) and life just can't stop for me so I muddle through.

Anna said...

hey, your "scarf for Ally" pattern has many comments you might want to take down.... or not. its a beautiful pattern tho that I think I just might knit up. Love your blog.