Monday, July 04, 2011

Wait, whoa. What?

Thanks to the glory of Benadryl, well, hell, how in fuck did it get to be July? I would have sworn it was mid-June.

Fucking sinuses.

Even the Tour de France/Tour de Fleece kicking off didn't register with me. I just sat in front of the wheel like a zombie and did some spinning.
This is Gotland wool. In top form.
It's in that crack between brown and gray; natural color. With top, you lose a lot of characteristics of the fiber in the processing. It's coarser than merino (big duh) and has some kind of crimp going on that makes it tricky to draft.


What finally snapped me out of the antihistimine haze is my Jeep.
We took off the doors and switched tops around, and it's ALMOST as good as a motorcycle; you can smell and feel where you are, just like when you're riding. But it's a darn sight safer. And can haul groceries. And has a radio.

I drove around like a maniac for most of the early afternoon, grinning stupidly and sliding around graveled corners on back roads. We're very near a lot of farms and have great back roads for this sort of thing. At one point I passed my neighbor; he was riding a four-wheeler like a bat out of hell, and I was going the other way in the Jeep. Like a bat out of hell. We waved and grinned like maniacs.

With luck, the adrenaline and the massive amounts of sinus medicine I've been taking will kick in, and I will become coherent. Well. More coherent.

I hope, I hope, I hope.


Anonymous said...

Is it legally road-worthy if driven without doors? I'm sure it would do something to its side-impact resistance, at a minimum ...

Donna Lee said...

I don't have the excuse of the benadryl but July? already?

I've always wanted a Jeep like that. I'm envious on nice days when I see someone tooling down the road.

Maybe my next car, although some might say I'm getting too old for this nonsense.

Roxie said...

Love it! I can totally see you bombing around in that, blowing out all the cobwebs! Doesn't it rain in that part of the world?

Emily said...

Oh, I am so, so glad to see you back & posting!!!

Romney said...

I entered a competition to win a vintage WWII jeep. Only afterwards did I think about how practical a vehicle with no sides is. With a small child. And nowhere to garage it. Heres hoping I don't win!

Annie said...

We used to do the same thing with our jeep--swap out the hard top for the soft top the *instant* the thermometer stayed above 65 degrees for more than three days straight. Now when we want that "open air" feel, we take the sidecar bike out for a ride. Not quite the same feeling as a twisty motorcycle ride, but still fun--and I can take the dog with me.

Roz said...

Taking the doors off is legal. I dated a guy who did that with his Defender in Massachusetts. Total freaking freedom. Enjoy the summer!

Amy Lane said...