Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Apocalypse... how?

I have a confession. Last week, in kind of a fugue state, kinda stressed out, without enough sleep, I was at the book store. And, well, this is what I bought.
The directions kind of made sense. I thought maybe... maybe this time it will make sense.

Then I hit the yarn store.
I've got about ten miles of crochet cotton around here, so, you know...

Maybe I'll figure this crochet thing out.

If it rains blood and plagues of frogs and locusts show up, I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT.

(For newcomers, I have nothing against crochet. I suck at it.)


Remember Tour De Fleece? I'm trying to do it this year.

Unfortunately, I went off spinning this winter in the midst of all that PT and whining (hey, idea for a new blog, "PT and Whining"). So my goal for the Tour is to just get my ass in gear again. I have to build up slowly because of my hand problems, and on day one I could only spin for half an hour. Really annoying.

The other night I finished this:
It's Gotland wool, which is sort of like Shetland. Spun to about worsted weight, triple ply.

It's the worst spinning I've ever done since I learned to spin. Breathtakingly awful. The single broke three times while I was plying the damn stuff. Ugh.


The one nice thing has been the weather. I spent last weekend spinning out on the back porch. We had a couple days of super hot weather, but a cold front went through, and I'm hoping for more porch spinning this week.

The Goobie likes it too.


Gracey is not my name.... said...

I have the amigurami book and have made 2 things out of it. I have her second book too.....not sure why you suck at it...

nestra said...

What is the blue thing with your crochet hooks?
Let us all know if you find any secrets to 'getting' crochet!

Knot By Gran'ma said...

Ever need a pointer with the crochet... chat me up, yo. You can do it! You have to turn off the knitting part of your brain though, otherwise it doesn't work. (I had to turn off the crochet part of mine when I learned to knit... too different to work together when you're learning.)

Donna Lee said...

My tour goal is to spin 10 mins a day to get back into the habit but it's been so hot and humid that the thought of touching fiber is abhorrent.

Crochet is easy once you get the hang of it. And then that muscle memory kicks in. I learned to crochet first and then to knit. Crocheting with cotton is hard for the same reason knitting with cotton is hard- no give. It can be rough on your hands so be careful. I'd hate for you to hurt yourself and need more PT.

Roxie said...

At worst you could go to the local nursing home and ask if anyone there can show you how it's done. That way you make a new friend and some old lady gets to share a wealth of knowledge.

Amy Lane said...

warning-- the anigarumi thing seems to be addictive... chicken can't stop making creepy cute stuff.. (Which reminds me.... there's a book called 'creepy-cute crochet' which was probably made for you!

Barbara said...

What a great idea, Roxie! The Goob could enchant all the spare Grandmas and Grandpas while Samurai learned to crochet.

Knot by Gran'ma has a good point. I crocheted for 45 years before I learned to knit a few years ago. For me the only thing that's the same is how I hold the yarn (I pick) and I'm trying to change than to make purling easier. I'm getting there.

Knitting outside is the greatest. Two friends and I knitted through last night's city band concert in the park. An excellent evening to be repeated a few more times this summer, I vow.

Shoveling Ferret said...

Bwahahahaha - crochet is fun, especially amigurumi