Monday, July 25, 2011


It's the big problem with EPS and coloring outside the lines, and doing whatever you want. Deciding what in hell you really want to do.

I sat down and started knitting edging for my sleeves. That was kinda nice.
Reading, knitting, if it hadn't been for Cartoon Network in the other room, it would have been perfect. (It also would have been nice outside, but the weather has sucked. SUCKED!)

After about eight repeats, I hung it over my wrist to get the feel for it.
I want bell sleeves. But how belled?

Bah. Can't decide, and can't knit on this 'til I do.


We had a fun weekend here. The in-laws visited. My mother-in-law had her knee replaced about a month ago. She's doing great, but things have been rather catch-as-they-can at their house. So they came over, I cooked a lot of food, made ice cream, and other goodies. We sat around and watched movies and vegetated.

We should do it more often.


Donna Lee said...

I like the edging you've chosen. It'll make beautiful sleeves.

Sitting around and eating good food and watching movies was the best way to spend the last week. Anything else was just too taxing. And they're saying it's not even as hot as it was last summer.

Penny said...

If I were doing that sleeve I'd take out three repeats. I think it would still be a decent sized bell, but you wouldn't have to decrease on every row to get a sleeve that would fit into the armhole.

Knot By Gran'ma said...


Roxie said...

You don't want sleeves that will drag in your food. I'd say the bell you have is about perfect. And the edging is awesomesauce!

Family bonding during vegetation is the stuff long-lasting relationships are made of.

Amy Lane said...

Wow... that's a CATHEDRAL bell! Bah indeed! Good to enjoy the MIL's company:-)