Thursday, June 09, 2011

I must be near Amish country!

I am about halfway between Lancaster County, PA, and Tuscarawas County, OH. That's pretty much Amish and Mennonite ground zero. The relevance of this? I live in the land of People Who Make Stuff. Go to the county fair and ask sheep herders about buying fleeces? They don't bat an eye. Knit in public? The further out into the country you go, the less people seem to notice. (Also, HAND MADE CHEESES, but that's another blog post.) What does this mean in practicality?

Vogue Knitting at the grocery store. Yep. Not kidding.

So, while in there to pick up lemons (lemonade) and chocolate (PMS), I swung through to pick up the new VK so I could review it. And there, lo and behold, in the rack right above the VK? SPIN*OFF. Can you believe it?? Spin*Off at the GROCERY STORE?

A couple pygora goats in the back yard, and life would be about perfect. Okay, and some 'blue' angora bunnies. And a sheep.


This was supposed to be a blog post about black smokers. (The geothermal vents, no tobacco involved.) Unfortunately I got bogged down on the Goob's school, and I do need to start photo-editing the VK review. Maybe tomorrow.


The Goob is sitting here reading Phineas and Ferb magazine (also at the grocery store), and watching Mythbusters. That's my little geek.

The other day we were watching a school video, and the teacher asked "What's a baby pigeon called?" and the Goober yelled "A PIDGELING!" I think we're going to have to keep that word.


Anyone seen my ball winder? It has disappeared into The Pit. I know I unpacked it, but I can't find the damn thing. Soon as I buy a new one, I'll find the fucker, so I'm hand-winding Cascade 220 and cursing.

So. Where's the damn ball winder??!!!!!


Louiz said...

Cool. I want to live in The Land of People who Make Stuff too!

Sada said...

I grew up in Ohio but moved to Arizona 4.5 years ago. Perhaps it's because nearly everyone I've met here (the Prescott area) is "from back East" (as well as being a population with an average age of 63), but we also have VK (and Interweave Knits, Crochet, and Spin*Off, as well as Knitter's Magazine, Creative Knitting, and Knit Simple) in the grocery stores.

But we have a serious lack of Amish and Mennonites, as well as their baked goods and various other tasty evidences of being People Who Make Stuff. Oh for a strawberry-rhubarb pie sold at your door by Plain Folk in a horse and buggy...

Sarah {The Student Knitter} said...

My sister in law lives right in lancaster. I'd be so cool to meet for lunch one day I'm up there! :D

PICAdrienne said...

A baby duck is a duckling, a baby goose is a gosling, so why wouldn't a baby pigeon be a pidgeling? I love it, she is so logical.

Not a big purchaser of Vogue knitting, my bust is larger than 36-38 inches...but I certainly can find other knitting magazines at the grocery store when I look. Interesting...

Donna Lee said...

And I have a hard time finding them in the bookstore here. Our only magazines in the grocery store are Star, People, Us and of course the perennial favorite, Weekly World News.

I miss lemonade. I can only drink very small amounts since i got the GERD.

Arianne said...

Did you check in the fridge?
My dad lives in Philly and when I visit he takes me to Amish country. I frigging love it. Never thought I'd like a state anywhere near as much as I like Washington (where I grew up) but Pennsylvania has to be it! :)

Roxie said...

Then a baby Goober would be a Gooberling, right?

How sad the areas where you can't find knitting mags in the grocery store! Our are right next to Guns and Ammo and Mother Earth News. Give me some steel wool and I'll knit a muffler for your tank.

Amy Lane said...

Wow-- I'm in the middle of The Land of People who make and abandon strip malls. I like your land better!

Madam Backslash said...

I live in New Zealand, and am a knitter and wannabe spinner and dyer.

I have co-workers from all over the world. One of the Singaporean guys sat and watched me knitting a sock one day, absolutely fascinated. He said he's noticed that New Zealanders make things it would never occur to Singaporeans to make -- they buy what they want.

So maybe I live in a Land of People Who Make Things, too. Either way, I think it's a good place to be.

(And seriously -- you _cannot_ get decent girls' school socks here. That's why I'm making half a dozen pairs for the Weasel. I don't think her feet should be cold this winter!)