Tuesday, June 07, 2011


Sort of my weekend in photos.

We had really amazing weather over the weekend. Perfect, mid-seventies, sunny, breeze. The Goober and I celebrated by going out and buying a few outside toys to play with.
She spent the whole weekend out there. She'd still be out there, but she's sunburned and it rained today. My nest on the porch swing looked more like this:
Saturday night, for some diversion, we went to the tractor and truck pull, down at the county fairgrounds. (Yes, yes, we live out in the boonies. It's fun here. And quiet.)
This is what the Goob thought of the tractor pull:
Sunday's diversion revolved around the glory of a Five Guys bacon cheeseburger:
Best. Burger. EVER. They put the bacon on the bottom so the cheese doesn't make it soggy. Perfection.

By then, well, the kid was burned, fried, overstimulated, and pretty darn sozzled:


See this? This is the evil fucker. This is the evil fucker, looking guilty, next to her evil handiwork.
See the flaking paint to the left? That's my back door. The paint had cracked and just barely begun to peel. I was leaving it alone. Then, this weekend, because we were out on the back porch ignoring the cat, she grabbed on to the flake of paint and pulled it loose. MORE THAN ONCE. When I yelled, she gave me that "oh, do I have your attention now?" tail flick that cats do.

Evil fucker.


The knitting continues apace.
This is a better representation of the color than my other pictures, but still not accurate. It's what I think of as a 'between' color, you know, one of those that wavers between shades depending on the light. This one's a teal that is sometimes blue and sometimes green. In natural light, apparently it looks blue. I think I like it.


Sarah {The Student Knitter} said...

very pretty! That includes little girls,yarn creations and kitties, mischievous though the kitty is. hehe

Galad said...

What a fun summer weekend. The Goob looks totally happy :-)

Donna Lee said...

I like the sweater color. And I like the living in the boonies. If we were going to move, I'd choose a place like that. Not too many people and lots of quiet.

Bob & Phyllis said...

I LOOOOOOOVE 5 Guys!! they make the best burgers. I also love their fries. DH and I usually split a large fry, their servings are so huge.

As for the boonies, I enjoy visiting, but DH and I are certified city dwellers.

Roxie said...

Five Guys Rule! I can get two days worth of calories at one meal!

God how I envy the Goob. What a perfect way to do a summer weekend.

My I borrow your cat? I have some wallpaper that needs peeling.

Alwen said...

I so envy you the 70s. We had two days of 90s, and my peonies popped out and are now over.

I mean, sheesh, I wait all blinkin' winter for flowers, and poof! They're over in one day.

Anonymous said...

I love the color of the sweater in progress. Envious of your porch swing. Can't wait for the next VK review!

Roz said...


The best laugh I've had all day -- especially the tail-wagging part. Soooo accurate.

Arianne said...

Ok..so it's not like I don't have enough to knit. On the go at the moment I have 2 sweaters for a KAL on Ravelry in a group I belong to (if I finish before September I get a prize...) and one of those sweaters I'm working on writing up the bare-bones pattern for the designer so she can publish it. AND I've got 3 pairs of socks on the go- 1 pair of colourwork kneesocks (with intarsia! in the round!), 1 pair of twisted stitch socks for my step-dad's size 13 feet (he was getting jealous of the pair I made my dad...and my dad was sick of him stealing them!), and 1 pair of socks that are very easy that I just don't want to knit.

But you, out of anyone, can understand the crazy right?

So sign me up for your EPS Long-Form KAL. To make it interesting I will be doing a cardigan with slight waist shaping and STEEEEEKS out of Kidsilk Haze in like 7 colours. Wahoooo. I'm off to swatch. :)

Arianne said...

I forgot to mention I'm knitting it on 3.25mm needles. What is that like size 3s in the US? Go crazy right?

Amy Lane said...

A sozzled kid as a happy kid-- and at least your cat doesn't try to pants you!

Irene said...

I have just finished reading your History 101 and then went onto your blog. I have five kids (all grown up) and somehow managed to sew, knit, and spin in the middle of goat ,chook and garden mayhem. I love to hear other women's stories and how they manage to weave their own lives around family. I live in a small village, (Guildford) in Central Victoria, Australia and we have a group called Social Knitworks. Its a sort of craft group, we knit,spin, weave and generally share ideas. I have recently become interested in the history of knitting.Loved the fragments of cotton sox! and how I would like to make my husband an acorn hat! If I can manage that I will send you a picture. I have printed out your History 101 and I will take it to our next meeting to inspire us all. Regards,Irene from Social Knitworks