Thursday, June 02, 2011

Still here!

I think the weird shutdown of the blog earlier this week was - ha - due to that hacking problem with China. Once I confirmed that I was me, and changed my password to something more secure, all has been well. It's so odd to me. I've got another e-mail account I use for The Really Serious Stuff, so if China needs to hack me to find links to LOL Cats e-mailed to my mother-in-law, well, I hope there's no problem with national security from me.


This week was kinda nuts. We all went to a family get-together on Monday for Memorial Day. We did kind of a pot luck. There were eleven kids and nine adults hanging around, and the kids ran wild, and the Goob got put in time out, so, you know. Traditional American holiday. I made cookies and cupcakes and took potato chips.

Then, the Goober went home with her grandparents, and I spent all day Tuesday reveling in the silence and NOT DOING ANYTHING. It was the best day ever. The Goober went to the zoo.

Wednesday she came home, and looked a little worn out. We sat down to watch Mythbusters, and...
She NEVER does that. But she did last night.

Then, today, I asked if she wanted to go outside with me. She said yes (of course) and raced out the door. By the time I got out on the back porch, there, in the porch swing...

We didn't do much today, either. Though I actually had to feed the kid and like that.


I'm sort of knitting! I've got a little done on my KAL sweater.
You can see the purl fold line; I've got the hem and about two inches of it done. My hands are bothering me, so it's going slow. You guys don't have to wait on me, though. Once a couple of you get to the arm pits, I'll talk you through the sleeves, which are next.


With the shifting of the sun, we're now getting bright light in the back windows in the afternoons and evenings, which is lovely.

Sekhmet digs it.


Terby said...

I measured my swatch, but haven't cast on a stitch. Ironically, my arm is bugging me currently, and you know I complain about being busy... Maybe this weekend?

Goobie is cute. Bet she's growing.

Alicyn said...

i have always loved the family gatherings where the kids outnumber the adults and they just let us run wild. :) time outs happen, but the fun is worth it. (also, never realized until i was older that the adults were varying levels of tipsy to drunk... and i thought they were just so excited to see each other!)

Donna Lee said...

Is the Goober having a growth spurt? That used to make my girls sleepy. She's getting so big, it's amazing to see.

I loved getting to have a day just to myself, they were so rare. Just last week, everyone was out of the house and I was ALONE! I sat in the chair and watched the world out the window. it was wonderful.

Roxie said...

OH look at those long legs! She's no way a baby anymore. Family gatherings to wear her out - good plan.

How glorious to have a day to do nothing. And how glorious to have it be rare.

Galad said...

Glad you both had some down time to relax and rest :-)

Amy Lane said...

Sleepy kid-- I love it! (My 16 year old spent most of her 14th year like that-- she grew four inches.)